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Tips to buy online

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Buy in a secure place

The basics: to make sure it is important to check that the web page starts with https: // and that at the top, where the address is entered, a padlock appears. These two clues demonstrate that the data is encrypted and secure, which prevents a third party from having access to the information you are delivering. The commercial director of Linio.cl, Domingo Lama, explains that “if the URL (link of the web) looks suspicious and directs to a name different from the one that was looked for, it is preferable to choose another site”. And when making the transaction, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the image does not look strange and it must be verified that the page is associated with the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, which certifies that it is a secure website.

Verify your data

Aron Cassorla, manager of the group Formax, explains that it is important to verify that the telephone and email are correctly written, because the confirmations of the orders are received there and, eventually, the information that arrives through these channels works as a backup to any inconvenience. . In as much, to be fixed in the address of dispatch and the amounts to pay will allow that the orders arrive well at the final destination.

Sizes and just measurements

The sizes are not the same and depend on each brand. It is important to know the measurements of your body to avoid buying something that you will not use. “For clothes, shoes, furniture and appliances it is important to look at the tables of equivalence to know what is the actual size of the products we are going to acquire,” recommends Domingo Lama.

Test, then invest

If you want to buy an expensive product in electronic commerce, it is important to test how the website works to see if it responds appropriately.”The recommendation is to buy something small and less valuable, such as an offer or a book, and then buy the most expensive,” advises Lama.

Buy a little

Domingo Lama explains that it is advisable to place orders for a price lower than 30 dollars, because that is the barrier over which the packages are reviewed. Under this amount no taxes are charged, therefore there is no risk of the purchase being held for a long time in customs.

Take advantage of discounts

“The best advice is to take advantage of the discounts on the official retail pages. There are better offers than in physical stores and there are the same products, “advises Aron Cassorla.

Read references and comments on the site

It is important to read the observations of the users regarding the shopping experiences to know if it is better to get away from that page. “In Chile there is little information, but in large sites it is essential to see the quality of the seller. The maximum acceptable negative comments is 3%, “explains Cassorla.

Connect to a private and known network

Always choose to make money transactions while you are connected to known and private, non-public Wi-Fi networks, because this leads to the risk of exposing your personal information. “Computers can have a data storage system that allows an external user to access your account or clone your card,” explains Lama.

Before buying you must always calculate a few days more than the deadlines that appear in the delivery promise. Unforeseen events can occur, and if you need the product for a special occasion, find out if the site offers shipments within a limited time. “If something more urgent is required, many pages provide the option to pay for a faster shipment,” adds Lama.

Confirmation in your mail

After paying, always expect to receive an electronic receipt of what you purchased. There should appear the detail of the amounts paid and date of dispatch. In any case, this is an endorsement of the purchase.

Buy at the best price

There are tools that allow you to see the price variations that a product has had during the year so you can make sure that you are buying at the best price and on the most convenient website. “You write the link on the page and see if it really is discounted,” says Aron Cassorla. Some of the recommended search engines are www.google.com/shopping?hl=es-419 or camelcamelcamel.com.


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