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Transforming Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera is one of the Best Ideas Motorola Has Got

Transforming Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera is One of the Best Ideas Motorola Has Got

Converting your smartphone to a mini-photo printer, which is Polaroid, is (finally?) A real good reason to own a Moto Z.

So, we have never wanted to have a Motorola smartphone as well as now. The American brand, owned by Chinese Lenovo since 2014, announced this Thursday an exclusive partnership with Polaroid, the king of vintage photography. It consists of a small smartphone photo printer that is directly in line with the Moto Mods series of modules offered by Lenovo since the release of Moto Z and Moto Z Play.

Take out 3 x 2-inch paper photos with self-adhesive backing

After the JBL SoundBoost small clip-on speaker, the gamepad or the 360 ° camera, the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer is undoubtedly the most attractive – and, on paper, the most convincing – accessories so far proposed by the manufacturer who persists, now alone against all, to believe in the modularity of smartphones.

It allows you to print in no time any photo taken from your smartphone or simply saved in it, through the dedicated application. The accessory does not require a connection to Bluetooth, since it is directly connected to the connection of the Moto Z. Out of the small housing in the colors of the brand of snapshots of paper photos about 8 centimeters by 5, back sticker. Brilliant idea, it goes without saying.

The Insta-Share Printer must unfortunately only go out in the United States (its marketing should be extended to other countries in the weeks or months to come), and will be on sale tomorrow by Verizon and Motorola at the price of… 200 dollars. A note still very high for an accessory, knowing that today, Instax Fugifilm is only about 70 Euros. Especially since it will be necessary to add to the addition the price of the refills, of which we know for the moment the price.


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