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TripAdvisor sets up “badges” to identify institutions at risk

The site of advice and tourist advice has decided to set up a timid signage to inform Internet users of the risks they can run in some hotels.

TripAdvisor set up “badges” to identify institutions at risk

Accused of having censored comments of travelers denouncing rapes in some hotels, TripAdvisor will now display alerts on establishments deemed at risk, whether health problems, discrimination or sexual assault, reports the New York Times.

These “badges” take the form of a text written in red in a box at the bottom also red (lighter) and will be placed at the top of the pages presenting the opinions on an establishment. However, the text remains very vague on what motivates this alert: “TripAdvisor has been aware of some recent events and press articles about this establishment that may not reflect the content of the reviews found on this page. That’s why we suggest you continue your research to get more information about this property during travel planning. ”

The badge will remain posted for three months, told the American daily a spokesman for TripAdvisor, adding that it can “stay longer if the problems remain.” The decision to add an alert or remove it from a hotel page will be made by an internal commission, the spokesman said.

Accused of censoring posts suggesting rape

These warnings are the response of the site of advice and tourist advice to the scandal provoked in the United States by a long investigation of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , published at the beginning of this month of November 2017, in which several people accused him of having censored their posts denouncing rape in three Mexican settlements.

TripAdvisor had justified the removal of these messages by its policy of use at the time (2010). These texts would have contained second-hand information and prohibited terms.

Faced with the controversy, the site has therefore made a gesture by republishing some of the deleted posts, then by establishing these badges. The first put on line by TripAdvisor relate moreover the three establishments implicated by this investigation. But not to offend the hoteliers and other professionals on the site, he recalls that these alerts are “informative and not punitive”.

In addition, the site will try to be clearer in its explanations when posts will be rejected. “From now on, our e-mails will clearly indicate the word or the phrase which derogates from our rules of use and will invite the user to publish and republish his opinion.”


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