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Undara, a long way

undara lava tubes
undara lava tubes

Undara is a volcano located in the national park of Queensland (Australia), located 1339 km northwest of Brisbane. The term ” Undara ” means a long way in the aboriginal language and refers to the longest system of tubular lava roads in the world, formed 190,000 years ago as a result of a large eruption.

When the lava dried it left the big tubular holes characteristic of the park. It is a park that includes high wooded plains, which end in large savannas. The soils of rich volcanic basalt are covered with grasses. Many of these tubes have collapsed over time creating perfect conditions for the flowering of the dry tropical forest .

Plants and animals thrive in this environment; Each tube offers a rare insight into this unusual geological wonder. It has been estimated that during the eruption, of the volcano Undara volcano, 23 cubic kilometers of lava was successively launched covering 1550 square kilometers. To date, 68 separate sections of the cave have been identified with more than 300 lava tubes, some of which can be visited.

East End of the Gulf Ruggedly one of the most beautiful savannah regions of northern Australia, forests within easy reach of the Great Barrier Reef, is where this amazing tropical north is found that is Undara and its lava tubes.


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