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Unicorn Sex: A dream (without compromise) come true?

night, a consequence, a vow
Unicorn Sex: A dream (without compromise) come true?

The “unicorn fashion” is an iridescent, magical and multifaceted explosion, which proposes us to be a little more fun and, why not, daring…

And is that within the bedroom, this mythological horse becomes the dream, without commitment, that most couples would like to have in their fantasies.

Fantasy that promises pleasure for both sexes…

Basically, the term “sexual unicorn” refers to a bisexual woman, who voluntarily decides to be part of some sexual encounters of a heterosexual or poly amorous couple.

However, “There is no universal definition for the unicorn, since for some this may be a single woman with a lifestyle of swinger men with homosexual preferences or, people who are not satisfied with some gender,” describes sexology

inflatable unicorn
inflatable unicorn

Do you want to be a sexual unicorn?

Although everything is allowed in the field of sexuality, whenever it is by choice, there are things you should know before starting this “game”…

  1. You can not get emotionally involved
  2. Your goal in the encounter or in the relationship is only sexual; they have each other
  3. The couples you choose can never satisfy any emotional need
  4. You must establish, from the beginning, your limits: nothing to allow aggression’s, insults…
  5. You are not there to fix any relationship
  6. You must be ready for the game to end at any time

eye! Being a unicorn does not make you into any sexual object; You should even know that this type of couples looking for a “third” person, tend to ask that this is a person with their own interests and desires, that they have talks and always seek personal, cultural and sexual growth.


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