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Until 1941 Levis was a prestigious brand of motorcycles and now wants to return with a coffee racer V6

Until 1941 Levis was a prestigious brand of motorcycles and now wants to return with a coffee racer V6

If we talk about Levis, most people will think we’re talking about the jeans brand. But no, that is not our goal. When we speak of Levis, we refer to the British brand of motorcycles, a brand that today is not well known to practically anyone.

The reason for this ignorance is more than justified, since Levis was 76 years in a state of lethargy, without having produced a motorcycle. Fortunately, that period of hibernation seems to have come to an end and it is done by this spectacular and futuristic Cafe Racer V6.

British motorcycles with a lot of history

Levis 3

The beginnings of the English firm came hand in hand with the creation of bikes with two-stroke engines and 211 cc in 1911. These bikes gave today the discreet power of 3 HP, although its small weight below 55 kg made them very useful bikes at that time.

Shortly after, the model grew to 247 cc to compete in the TT of the Isle of Man Junior, where in 1920 he took the victory in the light category in which two years later he would win again, earning the slogan they adopted in that moment, “The Master Two Stroke”.

Levis 8

In a second phase, in 1928, the Birmingham factory opened its offer to four-stroke motorcycles. With series engines of 247 cc and 346 cc, the four-stroke Levis were also evaluated while they were being manufactured. Unfortunately, its production came until 1941, when the people in charge of the Levis hung the closed sign on their doors.

A coffee racer that gives life back to Levis in 2017

Levis Cafe Racer V6 01

Few companies are able to return to activity after 76 inactive years, very few. But thanks to the entrepreneur and inventor Phil Bevan, Levis is one of them. After having been thinking about the creation of some models since 2016, this year Bevan also managed to get ownership of Connaught, an engine firm whose former leader was also seduced by the revival of Levis.

With the part of the engine of 130 HP and 190 Nm of torque solved, it was time to continue shaping the project and Café Racer V6 is the spectacular result. The propeller of this futuristic cutter is no more or less than a six-cylinder V as its name suggests. Of course, with a very closed angle of 22 º and placed with the axis of the pistons perpendicular to the axis of the march.

Levis Cafe Racer V6 04

This bulky 1200 cc engine is housed in a multi-tubular stainless steel chassis that is manufactured by hand, like the rest of the bike, which is later assembled on the Isle of Man. In the same way, other parts such as the swingarm, the wheels, the gearbox or even more sophisticated components such as ABS, ECU and traction control are also signed by Levis.

As a result of all this craft work, the price of the Levis Cafe Racer V6 soars to 52,000 pounds (about 58,500 euros), its first production run being limited to six units in 2018 approved for compliance with the Euro4. Of course, the plans of those responsible for the British brand intend to reach soon the figure of 52 units.


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