Home News Valve continues working on the redesign of Steam

Valve continues working on the redesign of Steam

The company wants to implement the option to silence Mentors

Valve continues working on the redesign of Steam
Valve continues working on the redesign of Steam

Last year, Valve confirmed that a redesign of the Steam interface is underway; however, since then he has remained silent about it. This annoyed some members of the community, who contacted Alden Kroll, product designer of Valve, in search of answers.

Through his Twitter account, Kroll confirmed that Valve is still working on the new interface for Steam. The bad news is that he did not share more details about it since they are not ready to talk much about it. So, you should not expect it to be revealed at the Valve meeting with developers that will be held on January 22 in Milan, Italy.

In a later publication, Kroll mentioned that Valve is working on other features for Steam. Among them is the option of silencing some specific Mentors so that their recommendations do not appear in the store.

If you have not been aware of Steam news we inform you that the intention of this redesign is to make Steam a more comfortable experience that gives you faster access to the latest games that you have started. Also, Valve intends that this redesign have product pages that involve their community more by showing the activity, captures, arts and guides.

And you, what do you expect from the redesign of the Steam interface? Are you excited about what Valve is preparing? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, 2017 was an important year for Steam, since Valve implemented several adjustments and changes in order to improve its gaming platform. One of the main ones was to replace Steam Greenlight with a new system called Steam Direct. That said, the company also changed the trading cards, adjusted the mentoring system, renewed the way user reviews work and stopped accepting BitCoin.


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