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Vancouver mayor does not want a fourth term

In announcing it was one of the toughest decisions of his life, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said he will not stand for a fourth term in the October 20, 2018 municipal election.

It was in front of Vancouver City Hall that Mayor Gregor Robertson announced that he was not going to run again in the next election.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Robertson revealed that his decision was made for personal reasons devoid of any political ulterior motives.

“[You have to] know when to give room for new voices and leaders,” he told reporters.

Gregor Robertson did not say what he would do at the end of his term.

A green city

The 53-year-old mayor was elected in 2008, 2011 and 2014 under the banner of the center-left Vision Vancouver. Before Gregor Robertson sat on City Hall, he was an NDP MP for Vancouver-Fairview.

Mr. Robertson says his greatest achievement is transforming Vancouver into an environmentally friendly, prosperous, and pleasant city to be admired in the world.

“I leave a city stronger than when we arrived,” he said. That said, we have not solved everything “in reference to the  lack of affordable housing.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson addresses the press in front of City Hall.
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson in a press briefing on January 10, 2018. Photo: CBC / Tina Lovgreen

On the other hand, Gregor Robertson regrets not having spent more time with his family and friends. “My youngest daughter just finished university, but during her high school years, I was not there.”

If Gregor Robertson had won a fourth election, he would have exceeded the term of Louis Denison Taylor who spent 11 years at the head of the City Hall between 1910 and 1934.


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