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Vegan and healthy Christmas: 21 Christmas recipes and without ingredients of animal origin

sweet recipes with cashew nuts
sweet recipes with cashew nuts

If your diet does not include foods of animal origin or if you have a guest who has a vegan diet, we leave 21 Christmas recipes and no ingredients of animal origin, which will help you achieve a healthy and vegan Christmas.

Appetizers and vegan appetizers

Without food of animal origin, we can achieve tasty snacks to offer at a busy table as a snack and also attractive appetizers like the ones shown below:

  • Avocado Hummus: to accompany some toast or whole grain breads we can make this tasty hummus full of potassium and fiber, as well as vegetable calcium and antioxidants. If we do not want the avocado, we can make hummus with several vegetables.
  • Fritters of potato and eggplant: a very elegant and easy-to-makestarter, with few ingredients and that will surely attract all diners (including omnivores).
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  • Skewer balsamic skewers: another super easy option that we can make in a matter of minutes and they go very well with any other preparation of our Christmas menu.
  • Vegan pate of mushrooms and nuts: another option for snacking that we can serve not only on breads or toast but also on tomatoes cut in half or slices of tofu. This vegan pate is rich in quality fats and filled with potassium as well as fiber to satiate the body.
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  • Veganesa or vegan mayonnaise : although we propose it as an option for snacking, it can go very well as a salad sauce for example or another dish dressing, even, for its texture thicker than a traditional mayonnaise, I recommend it to fill, for example olives or cherry tomatoes.
  • Vegan tortillas of chickpea flour: to accompany the pate, hummus or vegan mayonnaise described above or, to fill with various vegetables we can make these vegan tortillas, super easy, light and tasty.

First vegan dishes, healthy and tasty

As a first course dishes we propose to make preparations that compensate our second dish, that is, that offer hydrates if we will have proteins afterwards or vice versa.

Thus, the recipes that we can elaborate without ingredients of animal origin are:

  • Taboulé of cauliflower: it is a recipe with a considerable proportion of fiber, rich in hydrates but even more in proteins of vegetal origin, vitamin C and several antioxidants, so it goes very well with any other dish in our menu and the best thing is super easy to perform.
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  • Pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins: a dish rich in carbohydrates first of all but with a lot of fiber, potassium, vegetable calcium and good quality fats to satiate our organism taking care of our health.
  • Salad of toasted chickpeas and cabbage kale: it is a preparation rich in hydrates but also with high protein content of good quality given the combination of seeds, nuts and legumes that includes its ingredients.
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  • Quick sautéing of tofu and kale with sesame : to take advantage of the valuable properties of cabbage kale and satiating proteins of tofu, we can create as a first course this very simple and tasty sauté.
  • Waldorf salad of kale with a very healthy dressing: without any ingredient of animal origin we can achieve a much healthier and lighter version of this traditional salad, so not only recommend it for vegans but specifically for those looking to lose weight this season.

The best vegan and nutritious second courses

To complete our menu this Christmas, we can make some of the following vegan and nutritious recipes:

  • Grilled tofu with Cajun spices: a dish based on proteins, with different spices that add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can go very well as a main course if accompanied by rice, quinoa, couscous or other cereal or variety of vegetables roasted or steamed.
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  • Tofu curry with easy potatoes: if we are not lovers of the kitchen but we are looking for a comforting dish for a cold night, this super easy and fast preparation can be the ideal alternative for this vegan Christmas.
  • Quinoa salad with zucchini, olives, jalapeño and flaxseed: it is a satiatingpreparation , rich in fiber and vegetable proteins but also with good fats, vitamins and various minerals that will add color to your Christmas table, as well as many benefits of quinoa and of the consumption of various fruits and vegetables.
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  • Pasta with avocado pesto: a preparation rich in carbohydrates with good fats and vegetable proteins that, in addition, surely will please all diners, for who could resist a creamy dish of pasta ?
  • Rice noodles with sautéed tofu and pepper: for lovers of pasta this is the ideal recipe, complete and that can be served perfectly in our Christmas menu.
  • Crunchy salad of red lentils: an original preparation, colorful and full of good nutrients that goes very well alone although we can also serve it to accompany a seitan or grilled tofu.
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Healthy and vegan sweets

As we always say, the most challenging thing is to achieve sweet preparations without added sugars and that are not crammed with refined flours, for this reason, for this vegan Christmas we have selected the following recipes of healthy sweets without ingredients of animal origin:

  • Easy banana ice cream: only with banana we can achieve this tasty, healthy and creamy ice cream that can be accompanied by nuts or chopped almonds and if desired, some pieces of dark chocolate. Also, very very easy and fast.
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  • Chocolate truffles: for lovers of chocolate desserts this may be the most appropriate recipe, to share at a busy table. Ideal for children and adults.
  • Lemon Vegan Flan: if we have omnivorous diners this dessert may be the ideal option since it has nothing to envy to the classic flan based on egg and milk. If we want less sugar we recommend avoiding the caramel and always replace this ingredient with a sweetener such as stevia or another of artificial origin.
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  • Coconut cake and cashew nuts: it is a raw vegan recipe, without cooking and without ingredients of animal origin, in which we recommend replacing the syrup that is included in the preparation by liquid stevia in smaller proportions because if we add the amount suggested for the syrup not we will achieve sweet taste but rather bitter.

With these 21 vegan recipes you can achieve a very nutritious and colorful Christmas for all your guests (not only vegetarians).


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