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Video games and love, these are the apps that have most billed in Spain in 2017

clash royale princess
clash royale princess

If the list of most downloaded applications or that generate more income will roughly outline how is each country, it is clear that the main interests of the Spanish would be both video games and love. With a clear predominance of the first over the second, that is what the latest graph published by Statista tells us.

Close this year 2017 that already smells exhausted and is the time of compilations, to take a last look back to be able to continue advancing towards January. What we bring you now is the list of apps that have generated the most revenue in Spain throughout the year 2017 and are not exactly surprising. Mainly because of the weight that videogames have in the mobile ecosystem, and with a Clash Royale that leads with a firm hand.

Nine games and Tinder, that’s how Spain was in 2017

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The graphic tells that the SuperCell guys, now in the hands of Tencent, has led the revenue market with its Clash Royale and almost 13.3 million euros in this 2017. But it is no less meritorious that Clash of Clans occupies the third place with 3.9 million euros. Almost 18 million for a SuperCell that far exceeds the income of the rest of its pursuers.

Neither the almighty King, who recently showed us the bowels of his business coinciding with the fifth anniversary of his most emblematic game, has been able to get closer despite having two other titles in the Top 10 mobile applications in the country. Candy Crush Saga, with 5.8 million euros, and Candy Crush Soda Saga, with 1.5 million euros, occupy respectively positions 2 and 9.

With two games in the Top 10, SuperCell has won by the winnings match. It’s Clashes time.

Of course, the authentic media boom of the year 2016 could not be absent, which despite being in low hours is still in a good position in terms of income. Pokémon GO has achieved this year just over 2 million euros for its developers, probably in The Pokémon Company are happy with what has been achieved, not in vain continue to update periodically.

The rest of the ranking is made up of more games , all already below the 2 million income. Games like the Gardenscapes planner, like the Game of War Fire Age, the game that became one of the five million dollars of a fraudster at the end of 2016, or as Clash of Kings or Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


But the big surprise is not that the games enter a lot of money but that Tinder has placed among them. We talked about videogames and now it’s time for love, or other types of more toxic behavior that can arise from the use of these applications. Tinder is placed in the Top 10 of income of 2017, specifically in the sixth place, with 1.8 million euros.

With almost two million euros of revenue, Tinder is the only app that sneaks into the Top 10 of Spain in 2017

A considerable amount considering that we talk about a free application, although we can ensure a better experience if we use our income. But Tinder has managed to be in the high income positions of the two main mobile applications stores of today, both in iOS and Android, and in our country is almost outside the top five.

And so it has been 2017, many mobile games with purchases inside, to spend everything we want between zero and our imagination, and also some space to warm our hearts. We will see how a 2018 is planned that begins in a few days and let’s hope that many have happy holidays. Otherwise, the opposite happens and Tinder manages to raise positions before the end of the year.


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