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Waves to the water, the hairstyle you want to make these holidays

From Marc Jacobs to Stella McCartney, the catwalk has placed a strong bet on this hairstyle in its autumn collections, a perfect option for the Christmas season.


One of our favorite options is Stella McCartney’s proposal: subtle waves that can be worked with brush and dryer.

To achieve the brightness of Stella McCartney water waves, stylist Diana Daureo proposes to work with a wax, such as ICON’s Allow Pomade (€ 20), which helps to texture and give flexibility thanks to panthenol. The mica is what brings the brightness.

Diana Daureo explains for S Moda that the wave should always be worked “in reverse, marking the strand forward, not backwards”. The tweezers help to give the characteristic shape. Then it is ‘bonded’, using a good fixative spray.

To tell you that this OUAI texturizing spray  is what Jen Atkins uses, we are making it clear to you: it is the star product of the stylist who works with practically all Hollywood stars. Helps keep the waves in place and has a pleasant aroma thanks to bergamot or rose (€ 24)

Lara Crespo, of the beauty center No 8 in Barcelona, ​​says that in long hair the waves are obtained with iron or with a hairdryer. In addition to the loose mane that Jenny Packhman brought to the catwalk, another option is a cash collected in a ponytail.

They involve more work, but using curlers can be another good alternative. These of T3 have been chosen as one of the best beauty products of 2016 according to the experts of Allure (€ 90 approx.)

The Opening Ceremony are some of the most powerful waves we have seen on the catwalk. Applying a very strong gel, “the waves are marked with fingers or with tweezers, dries with a hairdryer and the clips are released” explains the famous hairdresser Yolanda Aberasturi from Bilbao.

His proposal for these more marked waves is a very hard gel, like the Fix Max by L’Oreal (€ 16).

Waves to water are one of the most versatile hairstyles and are also suitable for shorter manes. Gucci showed it with its fall 2016 collection.

In addition to the plates, the tongs and curling irons are a tool that facilitates the work when creating the curls that we will then comb. A good starting point that can be achieved with the curler GHD Curve Creative Curl (€ 179).

Stella McCartney autumn 2016.

For more subtle waves we can resort according to Yolanda Aberasturi to a cream that protects the hair from the heat and that gives it texture. Two objectives that can be achieved with L’Incroyable Blowdry by Kérastase, with anti- frizz properties and thermo-protective (€ 18.95).

It does not matter if it is straight or tilted: the fringe has no place in this collection and tends to hide, although the tendency is for the wave to fall slightly on the forehead, as in Opening Cermony.

Diana Daureo comments that it is fundamental “to hydrate the hair well and not to load it with a mask, only with some heat protector”. To avoid crushing him so much, he recommends the Prime Style Extender from Living Proof (€ 19).

The waves of Marc Jacobs are old-fashioned: with a previously applied gel and working the strands with two combs to create different volumes. Imperates an absolute mastery  of the hands.

If we want to make them at home, any soft jelly comes in handy. For a wet effect like Marc Jacobs, Lara Crespo proposes the Davines Medium Hold Modeling Gel (€ 25 approx.).

Those of Jenny Packham are very subtle waves that combine with a cocked mane. The perfect choice for the most discreet (or the least crafty).

The objective is to use a fixative product that leaves hair almost crystalline, such as the ICON Mane Control recommended by Diana Daureo (€ 23).

Prada autumn / winter 2016

Perfect styling mousse to give volume to those finer hairs. The Aveda firm (€ 25 approx.).



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