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We reveal the songs of the Dragon Ball Fighterz anime music pack DLC

Do you want to know about the Dragon Ball FighterZ Anime Music Pack DLC themes? Wish granted! We bring you all the songs that will come from the anime, and all of them are more than known.

bulma and baby trunks
bulma and baby trunks

Maybe the Dragon Ball games have been looking more and more like anime, but even so they still have a pending issue: the soundtrack. Yes, some games may have had good themes. Even so, beyond the Japanese versions of Budokai Tenkaichi, we have always been two candles waiting for the tremendous music of the anime. However, it seems that Arc System Works is going to break this curse thanks to the DLC Pack Anime Music from Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Until now, beyond its origin, we did not know much about the songs that will come in this pack. However, the latest Japanese trailer of the game has allowed us to know their original names. Knowing this and pulling translation, we have managed to find the 11 themes of Dragon Ball anime that we will see in FighterZ. So relax and raise the volume of the speakers, which is a good musical session.

Makafushigi Adventure!

The opening of Dragon Ball. There is not much to say about the first anthem of all Dragon Ball that accompanied us during Goku’s childhood.

Romantic Ageru Yo

More nostalgia for the good. If it was the opening of Dragon Ball, it was logical that we also had its corresponding ending.


Probably the most anime song sung in the bars with Oliver and Benji and Digimon. For the Spanish speakers the thing remains in Light, Fire, Destruction.


The second opening of Dragon Ball Z, which covers the saga of Monster Bu. In Spain we only saw it in the film of The Renaissance of fusion! Goku and Vegeta.

Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Power!

The first opening of Z showed us a Son Gohan who still did not know the world of fights and, at the same time, he left us a song that fit quite with the cheerful tone of the character.

We Were Angels

If Bu’s saga had its own opening, it would not be less the ending. And what a piece ending. Without a doubt my favorite of all Dragon Ball.

DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku

Surprise! The first opening of Dragon Ball GT will make its appearance in FighterZ. With this the suspicions that we will see characters from this anime are undoubtedly high. Of course, it is the only issue that we will see of this saga.

Prologue & Subtitle 1

We put aside the openings and endings to focus on the music of the series itself. We first came across the subject of the prologues . Along with Light, Fire, Destruction is undoubtedly the song we have heard the most from Dragon Ball Z.

New Hero appearance

We return to the saga of Bu , specifically one of the themes that accompanied Gohan during his trips to the institute. In addition, we could also enjoy this song in the Bojack film, during the celebration of the Intergalactic Tournament.

Solid State Scouter

And here we have the theme of Bardock , gentlemen! This gives us double joy. On the one hand, it virtually ensures the presence of Goku’s father in the game. And on the other we will have one of the best themes of all Dragon Ball of ally in the combats.

恐怖 の ギ ニ ュ ー 特 戦 隊

Yes, I leave it in Japanese directly. Why? Well, because I did not find its English or Spanish equivalent. But calm, the important thing here is to know that this is one of the fight themes that sound during the Freeza saga . Another song to get the rush while flying fists and bursts of ki.

And here the anime themes that we will see in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Honestly, they miss a few fight topics , especially classics like Hikari no Will Power. Even so, everything that is OST of the anime is more than welcome.

Finally, it should be noted that the DLC will not only come with the Ultimate Edition of FighterZ, but that we can buy it separately , this being confirmed by the last trailer of the game . What for? Well, at least in Japan it will cost 1500 yen, which will cost around 11 euros . Do you think he deserves them, guilty?


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