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weMessage allows you to use iMessage from Android, reviving the debate about its exclusivity

weMessage allows you to use iMessage from Android
weMessage allows you to use iMessage from Android

iMessage is, without a doubt, the most underrated messaging app in the world. Some people come to consider this messaging service as a disguised social network, because of its network effect on the users that use it. Leaving this aside, a few hours ago an Android app has emerged that allows you to use iMessage on this platform. Something that, obviously, Apple does not allow.

But that awakens curiosity about the possibility that we see this service on competing platforms.

weMessage: use iMessage from Android (and with a Mac)


Our colleagues at Xataka Móvil tell us how weMessage works right now, something that could change in the future if the Cupertino company considers that this experiment is not to their liking. Meanwhile, you can use iMessage from an Android device. Although for this you will need to have a Mac.

On your Mac you have to install the web client of weMessage that is on the developer’s website, which incidentally is called Roman Scott and is 16 years old. On its website is also the Android app that we must install on the device. After configuring it, you will be ready to use iMessage from your Google device.

weMessage supports many iMessage features, such as the ability to create groups, activate do not disturb, add or remove members and change the photo and group name. In the video above, Scott shows all these features in real time and without seeming to produce errors.

Scott says that he will be adding other functionalities to weMessage, both from iMessage and others that are not currently included. The merit of this developer is undoubtedly huge.

iMessage for Android: yes or no?

iMessage iOS

Over the years, Apple has ended up doing just what many people thought (and thought) that they would never do. IPods would never have video (and they arrived); Apple would never license its operating system (and it did so with disastrous consequences); I would not get apps for Android either (Apple Music, ahem ). And many other things that in the end yes it has given its arm to twist.

In the weeks leading up to the WWDC 2016, very noisy rumors about the possibility of official support of iMessage on Android came about. As we know, this did not happen even though it woke up a world of hidden possibilities. Suddenly, those who use a lot of iMessage (something more difficult in countries like Spain, where the share of Android is much higher than that of iOS) we could communicate with our contacts of the green android platform.

Whenever the app was installed, of course.

iOS bots

And this is where we come across one of the big problems. Apple does not need to win in the Messaging Wars for iMessage to fulfill its purpose. Launching an Android version would mean starting struggles with other messaging apps for users to download and use, competing with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and company.

As if this were not enough, iMessage has long ceased to be a simple messaging app , hence it begins to talk about it as a social network. iMessage integrates apps and bots developed by third parties and by Apple itself, in addition to Apple Pay Cash has just made its entry into the US, allowing payments between users through this service. How do you move all this to Android, maintaining the same levels of security? Or do you just cut it out and leave it out?

All these speculations leave aside a very important issue: iMessage is not Apple’s business . Apple does not live or die of what happens to it with iMessage. On the contrary, it uses services and software like this to support its real business, which is the sale of devices. Many put the existence of iTunes on Windows or Apple Music on Android as proof that the Cupertino company has worked on other platforms.

But they forget that iTunes was used to sell more iPods and that Apple Music is not a free service but a fee. iMessage is neither one nor the other, at the moment.


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