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What are the benefits of organic foods?

What are the benefits of organic foods?
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Eating healthy is one of the most recent concerns in society. Fortunately, more and more people are examining in detail everything they are going to eat and end up choosing to consume organic or organic products. Surely you know a flea market or natural food store where they sell the best vegetables and fruits, right?

To hear that “supermarket fruit has no flavor” is common and not entirely wrong. The industrialized products are usually full of chemicals, turning them into a synthetic food, beautiful and tasteless.
We tell you what organic food and its benefits are compared to conventional ones.

What does it mean to be ecological?

When we refer to something as “ecological”, we are referring to the way in which farmers look after their products (fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products or meat). Regarding organic farming, we find that they have designed processes to improve the quality of soil and water, reduce pollution and achieve a sustainable period of resources.

An organic food is produced in the most natural way possible. Synthetic fertilizers that add nutrients to the soil, pesticides that control pests, or antibiotics for livestock are not allowed. It should be noted that organic farming also uses fertilizers and pesticides, but in a natural way. It is a production method that takes better care of the environment and produces healthier foods.

What benefits do they offer compared to conventional foods?

Before telling you what benefits organic foods provide, it is necessary to say that conventional foods are totally suitable for consumption. Remember that all the products that we find in the supermarkets have gone through a quality control. Another issue is that there are certain components that are not healthy and we prefer to avoid them.

  • Organic foods are obtained from pure natural ingredients, without genetic modification or additions of synthetic products. Thus, we respect the natural balance and the true flavor of the food is still maintained.
  • As it is an elaboration that uses natural products, the local biodiversity will be increasing.
  • The contamination of water and soil is diminished thanks to the fact that obtaining organic food requires the use of natural fertilizers of low solubility.
  • Also, it contributes to a better air quality by not using pesticides.
  • It diminishes or eliminates the appearance of hyperglycemia, since many conventional foods contain refined sugars that our body assimilates quickly.
  • The nutritional values ​​of foods are best preserved when they are fresh and ripened in sunlight.
  • They contribute to a greater labor supply thanks to the fact that the production of organic food requires more labor.


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