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What banks do not like about you; Credit cards

What banks do not like about you; Credit cards

Having a credit card does not mean extra money, is a way to finance, well used can be a good financial tool, but be careful when you make it an extension of your salary and you make excessive purchases and give one card after another, it will be a true headache.

If you have tried to have one, you have made the relevant requests, but the answer is not favorable from the financial institution, what is the reason? KardMatch, a credit card site, listed the top reasons why a bank rejects requests to get a plastic. Do you want to get to know them?


Do not meet the minimum requirements.

In general the banks request a minimum age of 18 years and less than 70; have a minimum level of income, this depends on the product you require or request.

In addition, they request a minimum seniority in the domicile, as well as having a completed year in your work, at least. To obtain a financial product requires a credit history, although there are exceptions.

You have no ability to pay.

The credit history not only serves the institutions to see your qualifications as a payer, it is also a mechanism that prevents over-indebtedness how? The bank performs a credit analysis to verify that in any given case you are given the plastic, you can adequately and timely pay your payments. If you have several credits your chances of being accepted are reduced.

Not having good credit behavior.

Being in a credit bureau is not bad, as the urban legend dictates, all people who have applied for a formal automatic credit are registered in it, what matters is to have passing qualifications, as this speaks of you as a user of the products of the financial system.


When completing the application, it is important that you provide real and verifiable information. The bank can make phone calls to your employer and your referrals. It is common that, if there are inconsistencies between what has been declared and what has been verified, the entity decides not to take the risk and consider that you are a high risk prospect.


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