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What can go wrong in a presentation

The day has come to give the presentation that you have been preparing for weeks. The clients are waiting anxiously, your bosses will evaluate your performance to decide if they give you a raise, what could go wrong?

What can go wrong in a presentation

Scenario 1: The day has come to give the presentation that you have been preparing for weeks. The clients are waiting anxiously, your bosses will evaluate your performance to decide if they give you a raise, what could go wrong?

Scenario 2: Finish the semester at school, the final grade depends on the exposure you make of a very important section of the subject, you have prepared your speech and you need to impress your teacher and classmates to pass the subject, what could go wrong?

Sure you came up with many things. Since the computer equipment stopped working, going through the oblivion of what you had to say, until the presentation is locked and you can not keep passing the slides. Many catastrophic outcomes including loss of attention from your audience if you do not manage to captivate them in the first moments.

The scenarios described above are part of our life. From time to time we need to make presentations of great relevance in which we present ideas to achieve an important goal. Either to pass a subject, get an increase or simply when we have the need to transmit an idea to an audience, on that kind of occasions we need to make sure that everything will turn out well.

Because of the above, Prezi the presentation platform that helps its users to communicate powerfully with their audience and clients, tells you how to avoid a disaster when making a presentation:

Be creative

All use the traditional slide software to present, why do it the same! These types of programs are linear, boring and archaic. Currently you can go to simple and intuitive tools such as Prezi, which also have great graphics quality and customizations. Even these tools can be found in the cloud to lose the fear of “not having saved the changes”.

You can choose from a large number of templates and place the themes of your presentation in a non-linear and interactive way, so that at any moment that your audience decides to interact, they can do so and never lose the thread of your presentation.

Make sure you have what it takes

The material of support is as important as the domain of the subject that you are going to expose. Make sure you have everything complete: battery in the computer, the software working properly, the projector connected and working perfectly, if you are going to deliver a material that is well ordered, wow! Take your time and review your speech several times so that no detail escapes you.

Once you have mastery over the details, you will have much more confidence about your exposure, so you will only have to worry about remembering and correctly developing your ideas.

It is not a sermon, make it easy

One of the most common mistakes we make when making an exhibition is to read what the screen says and forget that we are not in a ceremony. Presentations should be agile, interactive, simple and clear. As exhibitors we need to get to the main topic of our exhibition quickly and without so many entanglements.

When a presentation has a too rigid structure (with strictly ordered slides and an excessively generic script), it is impossible to adapt it. Exhibitors are forced to pass one slide after another of superfluous topics until they reach the content that is relevant to the audience. With a change of perspective, you can easily transform a presentation into a dialogue that is so collaborative, dynamic and impactful that it keeps the interest from beginning to end.

While there is no exact formula for achieving perfection, you can be very close to it if you go to the right allies. And what do you do for


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