Home Health What happens if your poop floats?

What happens if your poop floats?

Too many fats, or other more serious problems, may be the reason

What happens if your poop floats?
man pooping blood

Your excrement can say a lot about your health. If it is red or you find blood after your passage through ‘the throne’ can indicate things from hemorrhoids to colon cancer, beware of this signal. But what happens if the color is normal but does not sink?

It is not very normal for your ‘evicted element’ to float, but if that happens it has an explanation; “If it floats because it’s less dense, that means that the stool has more air,” explains Dr. Neil Stollman. The reason for this ‘extra’ air can be by non-absorbed carbohydrates, lactose or fiber. These nutrients are fermented in the colon and generate gases.

That your ‘poop’ float may also be due to a diet with too many fats, according to doctors who are experts in the digestive system. To these options we must add that your body does not metabolize nutrients or other bacteria problems correctly.

Although the majority of times your excrement floats does not mean anything serious, only changes in the diet, if you notice this trend during a month you should go to your doctor to be sure that everything works correctly in your digestive system.


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