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What is and is not sex

What is and is not sex
What is and is not sex

And you, what have you been taught about sex? Sex is an essential part of the human being, it is a source of pleasure and a method of relaxation. It is an undeniable part of life, whether you want it or not, you listen to the subject everywhere. However, having sex is a decision that must be taken step by step and with knowledge.

Here we tell you, what sex is and what it is not for you to form your own opinion.

What is sex?

When we talk about sex, most people immediately think about having sex and specifically about penetration. But the reality is that exercising sexuality goes much further and involves feelings of love, well-being, pleasure, excitement, joy …

Leissa Pitts, author of the book Sexpectativas, gives us tools to differentiate what sex is and is not.

According to the specialist, sex is…

Consent:  Be clear and say at all times if you agree or disagree with each step. “Remember that you can change your mind at the moment you decide,” explains the author.

Creativity: Sexuality is surrounded by stimuli. Monotony is a factor that is linked to habit, to do the same and not to experiment.

Communication: Speak with confidence on the subject. Communicate your likes and preferences.

Contact: “Sex is positive and safe contact between people who share the greatest possible physical intimacy,” says Pitts.

Decision: Everyone has the power to choose when and with whom they want to have sex, if they want to have it.

What is not sex?

You will hear a lot of nonsense about sex and to a certain extent it is “simple” to identify absurd myths. But there are some beliefs that seem real, they mark us generation after generation, and they are nothing but falsehoods.

Sex is not…

Obligation: “When someone tries to force you to have sex against your will, it’s not called sex, it’s called sexual abuse or rape,” explains Leissa Pitts.

Just to have children: Reproduction is just one of the many purposes that sex has. It’s your choice. Some people decide to believe that the goal of sex is only to have babies, while others use contraception to avoid having children.

Only to have orgasms: Having an orgasm is very pleasant, but it is possible to enjoy sex without having an orgasm.

Just to please my partner: It is important to be generous with your partner, but it is more important to be generous with yourself. You do not have to do what the other says if you do not agree or do not feel like it.

What else have you been told is sex?


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