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What is hemorrhagic fever (and why is it so dangerous)


After the confirmation of the first two cases of hemorrhagic fever in Madrid, by the National Center of Microbiology; Spain and the world are about to face a new challenge in medicine and its prevention infrastructure.

Because although the situation is reported as “controlled”, it is a reality that this virus is considered a serious disease

What is hemorrhagic fever

What is Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever?

This is caused by a virus called Nairovirus, which is transmitted by ticks or rodents. Its symptoms usually appear 13 days after infection, and these range from muscle pain, stiff neck, eye irritation, nausea and intense fevers.

This virus causes serious outbreaks of viral hemorrhagic fever, with a mortality rate of 10% to 40%, as indicated by the World Health Organization.

How to prevent it?

1. Always wear clothes that cover your arms, legs and neck, especially if you plan to visit a place where the presence of ticks is reported.

2. Use acaricides.

3. Examine regularly your clothes and pets in search of an insect.

4. Avoid contact with infected people.

eye! The only way that currently exists to treat hemorrhagic fever is controlling its symptoms, and in some cases using antivirals, although they are not effective at all.

So, be careful!


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