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What is the best shoe brand of 2017?

What is the best shoe brand of 2017?
What is the best shoe brand of 2017?

On occasion we have commented on the importance of choosing the shoe according to your footprint and sports discipline. We can not use the same running shoes for gym, crossfit or trail running, for example. So the choice of this year’s best sneaker or shoe brand is hard to do. If we focus on running shoes, there are three leading brands that promise to continue giving cane in 2018.

Do you have an idea of ​​what they can be?

1New Balance

The brand New Balance shoes is more than consolidated in the sports market. One of the most noteworthy are the New Balance Zante v3 with a natural, comfortable and lightweight tread . In addition, it has the famous Fresh Foam cushioning technology. The characteristic is the half sole of a single block much lighter and softer than in the previous models; allowing the runner better cushioning, stability, response, flexibility and absorption of impacts.

As for mixed shoes, they have the New Balance 1500vv3 that stand out for that new design of half tab. They seek to wrap the foot as if it were a glove and also provide extra cushioning with the redesigned sole.
If you want a flight, the New Balance Hanzo are quite good and affordable price. As you know, in the flying you look for lightness and good grip of the sole, they get it. They also have a less aggressive design, but keeping the most cutting-edge materials of the moment.
To finish, the New Balance Vazee Summit 2 are quite demanded for trail running practices.

Undoubtedly, the American brand has left very good models in this 2017.


Desbancándonos a bit of running, Padel Spain awards have given the brand the award for best brand of shoes to practice this sport. Specifically, the model Asics Gel Bela 5SG is the one that uses the number 1 in the world, Fernando Belasteguín. They are characterized by having a reinforcement in the heel, attenuate the impact and the drive of the foot, have a perfect cushioning and facilitate the stride.

As for pronadora cushion, they take the best of the year. The Asics Gel Kayano 24 are very similar to its previous model that had the FlyteFoam, the Blended Rubber and the Convergence Gel, offering a better feeling of comfort. The small problem is that they can seem a bit heavy.

For highlighting another model, we have the Asics Gel Noosa FF which is perfect for practicing triathlon. As a novelty it has the construction without seams, greater breathability, better grip and elastic cords. In addition, when incorporating FlyteFoam, the weight is reduced slightly.


It could be said that Adidas has managed to launch this year a shoe capable of adapting to almost any type of runner. The Adidas Supernova is perfect for comfort, support and cushioning thanks to the Boost foam that is present in your sole. In addition, they have added a reinforcement in the heel chassis for greater support.

The Adidas Ultraboost are also worth mentioning for its renewed fabric and its usual Boost cushioning, ideal for neutral tread. The Adidas Adizero Boston 6 are mixed shoes perfect thanks to the mixture of speed, cushioning and durability.


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