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What is V-commerce and what is it used for?

Everything you need to know about voice searches and online business

What is V-commerce and what is it used for?

Voice assistants are increasingly present in the lives of users. Although this fact seemed something taken from a futuristic film, at present, its use is very ingrained, and the consumers resort to them for multiple tasks.

It all started with the use of voice aids that included mobile devices. However, being something new, these only aroused some curiosity among users, so they did not get to use them in the right way. In addition, its effectiveness has been improved over time, since, on occasion, the words that appeared on the screen were not the same as those that the individual had said.

Nowadays, these voice assistants continue to evolve, and begin to enter other areas, says Andrán Pallarés, expert in online marketing and SEO.

For this reason, the issue of voice assistants has become a major concern for marketers, who must know their uses for consumer purposes, but also to be able to use them in their strategy.

The voice assistant becomes a work tool

Knowing that consumers are using voice aids more; marketers have to know how to use them to get their own services to the top. This means that the aforementioned voice assistants affect the SEO positioning, so marketers must be very familiar with them, so that they become a tool of work.

However, this is not a path of roses. These must work hard to get positioned in this field although, anyway, it will cost them the same effort as any other digital marketing strategy. The voice assistants can be very useful to attract the consumers; nevertheless, they have to plan strategies so that these return.

A strategy similar to that of applications

Companies are also starting to make use of voice aids. Currently, one of its objectives is to create a marketing strategy related to these. This fact is very reminiscent of the one occupied by mobile applications in its day. These caused a sensation at the same moment of its appearance in the market. However, the entrepreneurs knew that it was not just about launching an application to the market, but that it also had to be of interest to the user, that way they would attract it.

Well, in the field of voice assistants, exactly the same thing happens. Companies are creating services so that their customers can use them through them, so, mentioned companies, they must learn to develop them in the right way.

In addition, brands must also learn how to appear between the results of a user’s voice search. That is, when it searches for a specific product or service, generic information will appear. What the company must achieve is to appear in the middle of all that information. For this reason, brands have to rethink how to do SEO and create structures close to natural language.

What is V-commerce and what is it used for?

Voice Commerce, better known as V-commerce, deals with electronic commerce through voice assistants. Through this, any customer can request a product and add it to your shopping cart just by using your voice. This type of trade is becoming a trend and will soon become fashionable, so companies must put the batteries to provide these services to their customers.

Although voice assistants already allow you to buy things, when a user requests a generic article, the companies still do not know how the purchase will be made, or what they must do to be the first to appear in the search results. Therefore, there is still a long way to go, but you must put all your efforts to be updated in such a competitive market, in which each brand struggles to get customers and settle in the first positions of the results of an online search.

Another point of great importance for companies is the fear that all this new world of voice assistants will become a more payment scenario.

Why is V-commerce beneficial?

For many companies, integrating voice assistants among their services can be a great opportunity to improve the experience of their customers, as well as creating new purchase possibilities and their customization.

One of the advantages of voice trading is that the customer can access products in a faster and easier way. In addition, you will also have a more personalized experience, since companies can collect data from a customer and use them in future purchases. In this way, personalized individual experiences are created for each consumer.

The brands that collect information on the behavior and preferences of their customers are able to create and develop much more effective marketing strategies. For this reason it is said that information is power.

The advantages of this type of trade for small and medium enterprises

The use of mobile devices is deeply rooted in today’s society. For this reason, many companies had to adapt their web pages to these, so they could attract a greater number of customers. Well, the same thing happens with voice assistants. Brands have to include them in their marketing strategies to attract more consumers.

For owners of small and medium-sized businesses, V-commerce means having one more means to get sales, so they should risk and invest in this type of technology. In addition, including voice trading in your business can become a new way of interacting with your customers.

In short, voice trading is here to stay, as consumers are increasingly demanding and, therefore, prefer that their shopping experiences are better, more intuitive and more simplified.


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