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What really hurts you?


To build meaningful couples and relive love in ourselves and others, Anamar Orihuela guides us to the path of knowing if we are ready to live a relationship.

For many people it is easy to live the love and for others, it can be a complicated experience, in which you decompose completely.

To love is not to give a part of you to be loved, you should not give your love to blind hearts because the people who have it, will not be able to see what you give or what you give in a relationship. Find a heart, a partner that values you and know what you are to achieve a healthy relationship.

Throughout life, we learn to hate ourselves before loving ourselves, not knowing how to express ourselves intimately, to believe that love is control or rescue… and those things are the ones that keep us from love, when in fact love is , or should be, free.

The trust is key to start a relationship, trust new processes.

Looking at the real me

The true self is a part of you much freer, loving and peace in life but also what justly generates love, intimacy and empathy with another true self. When you put it into play, you are alone.

Imagine that you know someone, dancers, super fun and interesting… but since a relationship begins that are not the others true self, you fall in love with a wrong person. Generating expectations of the other person leads you to expect things that may not arrive, that only disillusionment arrives.

Love is expressed in everything, friends, family or couple. It is not possible to have super close friends and not be able to establish a loving relationship with someone.

We have all built armor that protects us and allows us to feel secure. The armor is ego, perfectionism, jealousy, hunger, wounds… is everything that distances us from what can become wonderful.

Where did you see your true self?

With whom do you allow yourself to feel intimacy, closeness, complicity and bonding? Remember a happy moment, where you feel full, willing and open … with whom was it? What was happening? What is it that makes you feel so happy? That is your true self, allowing intimacy.

To connect with the true self, you need self-knowledge, knowing the ego of the other and self-acceptance. If you do not know how it is or you do not know it, you will not be able to connect.



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