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What you want to know to lose weight fast on the treadmill

What you want to know to lose weight fast on the treadmill
What you want to know to lose weight fast on the treadmill

Training on the treadmill is an excellent method to burn extra calories in a very short time. It is an intense cardio exercise that demands constant energy, accelerates pulsations and resorts to accumulated fatty deposits. Do you want to know how to lose weight fast on the treadmill ? Point.

If you regularly train at the gym, a few minutes of running on the treadmill can help you stay fit and lose weight in a healthy way. On the tape, you control the situation (do not run on asphalt or on the mountain) and you can plan the training on the treadmill, varying times and intensities. Do not look so hard at the kilometers you’re able to travel (leave that for outdoor training), but at the effort involved. This machine offers you other possibilities that you should take advantage of to eliminate kilos faster running on the tape

Control the times when you start running on tape, follow a healthy diet low in fat, combine the tape with other sports and exercises and also take note of the keys to lose weight in the treadmill that we propose.

How to train on the treadmill to burn more calories?

Treadmill problems

There are many runners and athletes in general who consider that their training on the treadmill is boring and ineffective. When this happens, something fails and you have to consider your objectives and your training methods. If your goal is to lose weight quickly on the treadmill, take note of these tips and guidelines to follow.

  • The previous warm-up is always important but, in the case of the race on the tape, it is usually neglected. In a matter of seconds: arrive, put on your shoes and start running “all in one” is frequent and is a mistake. Do stretches, twists ankle exercises that provide you flexibility… believe it or not, this way, your time on the tape will spread more.
  • Run at intervals. Get the most out of the tape. Running at a steady pace is something you can do on the street. It’s not about that. Play with times and intensities (fast pace, jog, sprints…) to lose weight on the treadmill quickly: the changes of rhythm in the stride are the “secret” formula to accelerate the loss of kilos on the treadmill. Although not essential, music can help you not get bored on the treadmill. Alternate melodies that invite “give it all” with quieter ones. Listen to them while you run and adapt to the rhythm.
  • Move your arms. The swinging of arms, forward and backward, with the elbows flexed, not only improves the momentum in the race, but also implies putting the muscles of the upper body and also the abdominal muscles to work more intensively. The more muscle groups work, the greater the calorie burn and weight loss. Do not run holding hands with handlebars or support points.
  • Change the tilt of the tape. Losing weight more or less depends on your level of exigency and effort. After running a few minutes flat, try to tilt the tape at a specific time interval. Remember that each step you take in “costs”, “is worth” double and will help you lose weight faster.
  • Hold on a little more. Always depending on your physical condition and training level, when you finish the session, propose to run 2 – 4 more minutes on the tape at a comfortable and decreasing pace. You will lower pulsations and your muscles will return to their resting state little by little, maintaining the burning of calories during that period of time.

These are the keys to losing weight faster on the treadmill. Combine this with other sports exercise and a diet healthy and balanced, not only will achieve a great physical shape but an enviable figure.


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