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WhatsApp: How do you know if they sent you a fake location?


One of the many functions that WhatsApp has is to be able to share your exact location in case you are left to find yourself at a certain point.

Doing this function is quite simple. However, you can also send another address using the magnifying glass located at the top right. By clicking on the icon of the full screen of the map, you can also choose another place more accurately.

How to send fake positions in WhatsApp?

Just go to the settings, activate the GPS location and then go to any chat. There, by giving the button to send photos, videos, etc. we also have the possibility to send the position but when giving, we have two options. The first is to share the position in which we are and the second write a site or address and send it as well.

How do you know if the address you send is false?

It is as simple as to see what accompanies the link that we send. If the location is FALSE, that is, we have searched by hand, interestingly, we will see the typical map with the red thumbtack and the link and address under the image.

However, if the location we have sent is TRUE, nothing will appear in that part of the message, that is, you will only see the map without any description.



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