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WhatsApp prepares the arrival of group voice calls


The arrival of voice calls over VoIP was a huge leap in WhatsApp features thanks to the inclusion of functionality that tossed the concept of having to pay to make a phone call. Although its establishment was not exempt from controversy, it is now intended to go a step further with the inclusion of group voice calls, something that will also be very technically complicated.

The calls voice WhatsApp group have been discovered by WABETAinfo , but clarified that there are no visual evidence of its implementation, and still take some time to have some more tangible evidence. Everything seems to indicate that the availability of these group voice calls will not occur until well into 2018 given that the company is focused on adding other features first.

However, one of the reasons for this long development is due to the technical challenge of including group voice calls in WhatsApp chats because of the huge number of participants who may be in it. It should be remembered that WhatsApp groups accept up to 256 participants, an unreliable figure to withstand so many calls simultaneously.

It is not known how this feature will be implemented since it seems logical to think that not all the participants of a group will be able to speak at the same time , which could be limited between different roles previously labeled by the administrator. At any rate there is still time to know how a feature that could compete directly with other platforms like Skype will work.


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