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When good accounts are not done, love suffers

Financial trust and communication about it are key for couples.

“Marriage is an institution of two people who are together for a common cause. Surely you can realize that this definition also applies to the business concept.”

This is something that the Chilean Carolina Montibelli says and clarifies that comparing the couple with a mercantile society is romantic because in their experience, when there are financial disputes and money goes out the window, “love also goes away”.

Montibelli, president of the financial advisory EnVia Financial, explains that the relationship of a couple – married or not – is complicated and when talking about money it is best to leave emotions aside and think about union as a society. The goal is not only financial stability but also that of life together because his experience dealing with families tells him that most of the problems between two people who love each other start with money difficulties.

And not necessarily because the income is low but because you do not know or do not want to plan, there is no good communication or agreement on how to manage money and you are unfaithful in financial matters. “With the salary that you have, you have to plan. In my experience, those with low incomes are organized with better will”, explains this expert who has just published “A gift of financial love”.

In this book, which contains forms that help to organize budgets and establish financial goals, the types of couples in which there are savers and wasters are analyzed, and the importance of communication between the two parties is emphasized. “I do not see badly that the couple has separate accounts but you have to talk about it. There are individual needs and these accounts may be needed but it is important to know,” he explains.

Montibelli believes that the management of money should be discussed as soon as possible in a relationship, “especially because many people in the US come from different cultures with different dreams and priorities and it is important that they be discussed.” And they want to share both in marriage and on a personal level because if you are not happy or progress towards success that you set individually is difficult to have a happy relationship, explains this financial expert.

Carolina Montibelli, author of “A gift of financial love”

Carolina Montibelli, author of “A gift of financial love”.

Women, working at home or outside of it, do not have to have a passive role in financial decisions, says with determination this author who defends that in a couple you have to work as a team and many times they know more about finances of home. “They are an important voice and they have to be noticed”, explains Montibelli who regrets that many times it is women who do not include themselves “and must change their mentality to give more possibilities to their financial life”. “You have to banish the idea that you do not have to talk about money and that only one person keeps the accounts, in a team there is more growth.”

It is romantic to have a good financial relationship and work together to achieve goals, says this expert.

Financial trust and communication about it are key for couples.


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