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Which one did I take? Dodge Attitude vs. Ford Figo vs. Hyundai i10

Dodge Attitude vs. Ford Figo vs. Hyundai i10
Dodge Attitude vs. Ford Figo vs. Hyundai i10

We all have questions about buying a car, more when it is the first. Today we respond to you, enriquealonso35, that you are about to belong to this great automotive community (be one of the good ones, please) for the first time.

Enrique, we assume that is your first name, he asks us about three subcompact sedans in basic versions. You have very well planned your financing and then we will give our opinion to your dilemma.

Figo Vs Attitude Vs Grand I102

Value / price ratio

Since the prices of the entry versions of these three models are so similar, other factors must be taken into account, such as maintenance cost, interest rate on financing and guarantee. All three have a hatchback body option, but since you are interested in sedans, the largest trunk is Attitude, followed by Figo and finally, Grand i10.

The handling is very similar, so is the power, but the best feeling at the wheel is offered by Hyundai, it is also the cheapest in real life, even though Dodge announces more than 27 km / l for Attitude, It is almost impossible to exceed half that figure, due to the size of your engine, which is also the only three cylinder unlike the other two that are four.

Figo Vs Attitude Vs Grand I10 2

Quality, equipment and safety

The difference in a subcompact can be the list of equipment elements, since, in general, security goes into the background. In this case, none of the three models you are considering offers minimum safety equipment – which would be ABS brakes and two airbags. All three have Bluetooth, USB and air conditioning, 5-speed manual transmission and low fuel consumption.

The average maintenance cost is $ 4,000 pesos for three years and the guarantee offered by the agency ranges from 3 to 7 years of defense defense.

Nissan Versa

Our suggestion: Beat NB. Our recommendation: Nissan Versa

Your pre-selection is congruent with what you intend to pay. For our part, we recommend that you also look at the Chevrolet Beat Notchback with equally competent trunk, comparable handling and consumption, but the model that we recommend is the Nissan Versa Drive version. It does not have a stereo or electrical equipment, but it already has air conditioning and, most importantly, safety equipment: two airbags and ABS brakes.

Grand i10 was renovated this year, received a slight faclift where they changed the front and the rear skulls, although the interior remained practically the same. From Figo we are left with the practicality inside and the specific space to place the cell phone, Dodge Attitude seems improvable in every way, that’s why we recommend the Beat NB on your choice. Versa excels in everything except equipment.



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