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WHO lists 2 video game-related disorders

WHO lists 2 video game-related disorders
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“Game disorder” and “noxious game” are the two new disorders related to video games that the World Health Organization (WHO) added in the most recent draft of its International Classification of Diseases.

The agency describes the gambling disorder as a pattern of persistent or recurring gambling behavior, which may be online or offline, of sufficient severity to produce significant impairment in the personal, family, social, educational or occupational functioning of the game. individual.

In as much, the harmful game refers to a pattern that significantly increases the risk of harmful consequences for the physical or mental health of the individual, or of other people who are around him.

The disorders are in draft, so they may suffer some modification in its definition before the final version is published, later this year.

This would be the first time that the WHO International Classification of Diseases has been updated since 1992.


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