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Why is not used to configure your router



Movistar-routerWithin your local network there are several  ‘internal’ IP addresses, which are assigned to each of the connected devices. According to this, is usually the IP address of the gateway, that is, the  router that provides the WiFi signal to the rest of the devices. Therefore, it is the address that we use for the configuration of the router. But  what about Movistar? Maybe you have found that it  does not work, and it is because the operator offers the  Alejandra Portal as an alternative.

Setting  up the router is not that easy or not for all users, at least. So Movistar offers a simpler interface through the  Alejandra Portal, so that less experienced users can modify some of the key settings of the router and WiFi network in a simple way. But if you want to  access to your Movistar router, for that you have to disable the Alejandra Portal previously. If you do not, regular access to the gateway, by its own IP address, will be  blocked.

In some of the routers distributed by Movistar, the alejandra portal is the default access to the configuration. You can use the credentials that appear after the same, in an adhesive, or modify the generic password according to this tutorial to access the advanced configuration.

This way you can isolate your Movistar router from Portal Alejandra to access its configuration by

First, access the Alejandra Portal with the  user and password of Mi Movistar, and then scroll to the  ‘Other Operations’ section. Within this section you only have to  change the password, and from here ‘enter’ to the  Movistar router configuration by entering the IP address in the web browser, and using the  corresponding username and password. The password, obviously, is the one that you just modified and the username should be 1234 for Movistar routers.

Once you get access to the router configuration using your IP address, also here you can change the  username and  password access and of course, you will have all the information about the router and the WiFi network, as well as all the configuration parameters  and settings. It is not as simple, simple and easy as the Alejandra Portal, but for those experienced in the matter it is the way to access all the configuration options of the device and the wireless or wired network.


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