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Why internet is not working today


Jio services have been blocked.

I started my phone today and I noticed a notification for “Sign into network”.

So I tapped on it and it says “In compliance with government instructions data services have been blocked”.

Data services are not working. Did anyone else see this?

What is Jio referring to? Which government instructions BTW?

It’s nothing new, our retarded government babu think that the first response to any violence is to cut off the areas internet without understanding how many lively hoods are dependent on it. At least jio informs about this. Other telcos just shut it off without any notices.

Considering our spectacularly gullible mobs and how active our whatsapp unkills and IT cell armies are, I’d say it’s a prudent move. It would take no time for a simple law and order situation to erupt into a full blown riot in India.

Network data for all carriers are still down (I have Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone and Jio). Just got BSNL broadband working few mins ago.

How many days has the net been out for.


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