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Why YouTube TV, now available directly on TV, is a time bomb for Netflix


YouTube TV finally becomes a full-fledged application on TVs. If the service is still not available in France, its optimization “for the show” lets us imagine what will look like our future TV-set.

Predictably, watching YouTube programs on our TV screens will sooner or later become as intuitive as binge-watcher Stranger Things on Netflix. At least in the United States, where for six months, the Youtube TV service , not to be confused with YouTube on TV (a simple variation of the streaming site on TV), trying to conquer the large format screens.

So far, subscribers to this bouquet of discounted channels had to go through the Chromecast Google or Apple AirPlay for access. No trace of a real YouTube application worthy of a Netflix or a Molotov – in other words a platform that does not depend on a dongle or a smartphone. YouTube has just filled this gap: the giant of the video on the Net starts from Monday the deployment of a dedicated application on Android TV. In a few weeks, it should also land on TVs Samsung, Sony and LG, as well as Xbox One, Apple TV, and Roku.


YouTube TV

If this new version of YouTube TV, finally thought for TV, optimizes the viewing of videos on the big screen, it also promises to facilitate the search for movies, web videos or shows. “We’ve made sure people find the themes they know and love about the mobile app, while making it easy to browse the latest content – all from a TV,” said Okalo Ikhena, head of YouTube TV product.

The algorithm for “classic” TV programs

The followers of Top Chef could for example be informed in real time that a new episode is broadcast on M6
The content feed, consisting of both YouTube videos and current TV programs, will be customized based on each user’s viewing history. For example, football fans will find at the top of the list matches or specials broadcast at the same time on the bouquet. More concretely, imagining that the service is available in France, followers of Top Chef will be informed in real time that a new episode of the show is broadcast at the same time on M6.

A new feature for browsing TV channels without interrupting a current playback will also be available. Finally, it will always be possible to watch the programs of his choice in replay after saving them on the cloud (unlimited storage).

Obviously, it is repeated, this service is currently not launched in France. But remember, Netflix also took a long time to land: the VoD service to more than 100 million subscribers in the world made its entry in 2014 only on the French market. Yet five good years ago, millions of American households were already practicing Netflix & chill.

It’s hard not to see a future similar to the youngest YouTube TV, which benefits more from the omnipotence of its parent company, Google. “Algorithmic television” is perhaps something to seduce younger generations, fed to multi-screens and the suggestion of content … and watching more and more television as we looked, there is already 15 years, the Minitel of our parents.



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