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Will the Disney streaming platform be the Death Star of VoD?

star wars the last jedi wallpaper hd
star wars the last jedi wallpaper hd

In a galaxy not so far away, the streaming market is shaking. This week, the Disney company has bought 21st Century Fox for the chilling figure of almost 60 billion dollars, becoming the owner of franchises such as ‘The Crystal Jungle’, ‘The Simpsons’, X-Men ‘,’ Avatar ‘,’ The Planet of the Apes’, ‘Alien’, ‘Ice Age’ or ‘Deadpool’, series like ‘Modern Family’ or ‘Homeland’ and even the study of independent films Fox Searchlight (which has won numerous times the Oscar with titles as’ Slumdog Millionaire ‘, ’12 years of slavery’ or ‘Birdman’). All these names join those already owned by the Mickey Mouse house, from Pixar to Lucasfilm and Marvel. Impress, huh? Well, let’s finish joining the points: as we already informed in Frames,Disney will open in 2019 its own platform of ‘streaming’ , which will be the direct competition of Netflix, who must extract from their current catalog all that belongs to them. They want exclusivity, of course, and have even announced that their monthly fee will be “substantially cheaper” than the current king of the online market. What does this mean for the Video on Demand (VoD) market? Will this new platform become the Star of Death of the Disney Empire?

In the end, they have reached a conclusion that will increasingly define the audiovisual market: content creators do not need intermediaries to get their content to the consumer. They do not need exhibitors, because they can easily build their own content platform. Before the lifting of platforms like this one, and the one that already governs – Netflix -, the ‘majors’ have to make a decision: sell or stand up and it seems that the second is what is gaining. You can not blame them: facing the Empire should not be easy, and data does not help. In this graph we see very clearly where the new generations are pointing and their consumption habits with respect to television (which will eventually also apply to movie theaters):

There is a great debate about whether this last Disney move should be allowed with this acquisition, the company will dominate approximately 40% of the marketas much of movies as of television, which could not be in harmony with the anti-monopoly laws of the United States. While waiting for something new in that aspect, their plans go ahead, and activate a countdown of less than two years to start raising its promising platform for streaming. Should we fear this moment or will it be an advantage for online users? Little can be advanced at the moment. What is clear is that the war has begun to heat up. The Empire will fight back with the new distribution windows, while the rebels – the pioneers – will fight to maintain their space. May the force accompany you both.


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