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Work vs partner… What is first?

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Work vs partner… What is first?

You may find yourself among those people who are overwhelmed by overwork when you get home, or who feel frustrated that you can not devote the time you want to your partner and your family because of it, or even that a bad day at work affect emotionally in your relationship.

How to combine both facets of life?

To begin with, whether you are in a relationship or have a more or less stable job, congratulations! These days it is not easy to achieve either, so feel very proud and fortunate to have them.

Believe it or not, assess each aspect separately, giving it the importance it has in your life and being aware of how complicated it is to get it, is already a first step to separate the work and the couple and be totally focused on both one and another at each moment.

Eight recommendations to combine work and couple

1.- Plan the time

The first thing is to have a clear and established schedule of the moments dedicated to work and the time given to the relationship and the family. Create some specific hours a day to spend time with your partner, just like with work, and do not forget to keep them.

2.- Separate both aspects

Work and family are two opposite worlds: no one has to be involved in the other, so do not accept more tasks to do at home or make plans with your partner during work hours.

3.- Organize yourself well at work

Use time correctly and avoid distractions, as well as pauses or more breaks. When it comes to work, concentrate on what you are doing and fulfill your obligatory tasks so you do not have to do them at home.

4.- Prioritize the important

Do not think that all the work is essential, or that it can not be done at another time, or in another way, or even not do it. And in the same house: prioritize the issues that are really significant; Do not make a mountain out of a grain of sand and you will have more time for yourself.

5.- Delegate responsibilities

Sometimes we believe that we are alone at work or that nobody will do the tasks as well as we do. Learn to trust your colleagues and distribute the load. Do it also in the couple: not everything depends on you, so share the responsibility you have on both fronts for the health of the relationship.

6.- Talk with your partner

It is possible that you are in your same situation, so share your doubts and concerns. Be a team that collaborates in common in housework and in the dedication to the relationship.

7.- Accept the inevitable

Sometimes there will be another to devote more time than desired to work issues. Do not get frustrated, and understand that there are certain jobs or specific tasks that require extra dedication at home.

8.- Disconnect

After all, it’s what it’s about. When you get home, it’s time to be with your partner and your family. Try to focus on the moment and stop any thoughts that take you back to work.

Remember these tips to deal better with the work-couple mix. This way you will avoid suffering from work stress or problems at work, and also reduce your relationship conflicts and your relationship will be rewarded.


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