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Xiaomi gets on the car: the Mi 7 would release its artificial intelligence on smartphones

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Xiaomi gets on the car: the Mi 7 would release its artificial intelligence on smartphones

The mobile without frames, extra long screens, dual cameras. You can not say that in the mobile market there are no concepts that are fashionable, because we jump from one to another and there are few who end up installing themselves, staying to live forever. The same case of artificial intelligence, which already looks at phones more often and threatens to invade everything.

Few companies in the mobile sector remain as they are not devoting efforts to the implementation of artificial intelligence engines, or machine learning, in their devices. Xiaomi has not been left out and is that the Chinese manufacturer already launched this year a smart speaker, the Mi A1 Speaker, but its developments may be about to jump into the field of smartphones . And there is a clear candidate.

A smarter Xiaomi for 2018

My Ai Speaker

It was Lei Jun himself, the current CEO of Xiaomi, who gave a talk about the opportunities of his company in what he has called “the AI ​​Age”, the age of artificial intelligence. A sector in which Xiaomi has already taken its first steps with the speaker that we mentioned previously , an alternative of the Chinese constructor to the Amazon Echo, Google Home and company.

But in Xiaomi they are ambitious and they hope that more devices will soon be launched with this artificial intelligence embedded in the near future, on a date as close as the year 2018 that will begin in a few weeks. A year that should open with a Xiaomi Mi 7 that will, among other things, with a Snapdragon 845 processor even more prepared for artificial intelligence than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 835.

The future Xiaomi Mi 7 would be perfect for the adoption of artificial intelligence by the Xiaomi phone park, whose start should be a high-end, and also open the door to interconnect with other devices of the brand. As the legion of products linked to the Internet of Things that prepare for its launch, increasing its presence even more in the sector.

The Xiaomi Mi 7, with its Snapdragon 845 processor, is the ideal candidate to bring artificial intelligence from Xiaomi to mobile phones

About what nothing has been revealed is about the functionality of this artificial intelligence, which could well come in the form of an assistant , as Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri or Alexa already do, or forming part of the MIUI core to do the times of facilitator of executions. A similar system, although on the software side, to that of Huawei with its latest Kirin 970, which also lends a hand in photographic matters.

Xiaomi’s intention is clear in this regard, the company led by Lei Jun does not want to let the train of artificial intelligence escape and 2018 may be the year of its explosion within the company. We hope to have more information soon, since the Mi 7 must be already finalizing the detailsfor its presentation.


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