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Xiaomi smartphones available in Mexico and how to buy them

Xiaomi smartphones available in Mexico and how to buy them
Xiaomi smartphones available in Mexico and how to buy them

If there were similar prizes to those that reward the best of music every year but for technology, Xiaomi would undoubtedly have won the “revelation 2017” category. It really was a very good year for Xiaomi in Mexico, not only because they started their operations officially in the country, but also because the acceptance of consumers has been very good.

The welcome event was in May of this year and since then the Mi community -which is what they call fans of their brand- has made the best publicity that a brand that can be mouth-to-mouth can enjoy . This company from China in just seven years of operations has been positioned in the top five of brands of smartphones worldwide just below Samsung, Apple, Huawei and OPPO; who by the way, have more time in the industry.

The key of Xiaomi seems to be very clear and they have bet to match features of more expensive phones in a matter of design, specifications and above all, quality, for much less money. And I make special emphasis on quality because many brands are betting to equal the same number of megapixels, storage, RAM and battery of high-end phones but in practice the performance is much to be. With Xiaomi my experience has been different, not only are numbers on a technical sheet, but the positive results when using their phones for the reviews and for sample enough I invite you to see my analysis on the Xiaomi Mi A1.

Another important aspect to consider in the strategy of Xiaomi is the distribution and is that a large part also that they can reduce the prices of their products is thanks to e-commerce, that is, sales over the internet. Unlike most brands, Xiaomi can not be obtained in Telcel, AT & T or Movistar with plans ; here there are only two official channels: the Xiaomi online store for Mexico or through its commercial partners such as Walmart, Liverpool, Soriana, Best Buy, Coppel, Suburbia, Mobo and Sam’s Club.

You can also buy them through internet stores such as Gearbest, which in fact sometimes offer lower prices but you risk that the compatibility with the bands is not appropriate for your country and on the other hand, you risk the phone’s warranty.

What Xiaomi products can I buy in Mexico?

Xiaomi is a Chinese giant that has grown not only thanks to smartphones but also to other product categories. In China, for example, there are sports bands, hearing aids, rice kettles, set-top boxes for television, tennis, towels, backpacks, vacuum cleaners, suitcases, drones, air conditioners and many other products that are part of the company’s great pyramid.

They have even bet on launching experience stores in several countries that exhibit their products so that people can meet and interact with them. One of the most recent stores is Madrid where they also have users hooked with their products.

Unfortunately for now in Mexico there is no date for the official store or for the arrival of several of the products that are sold in Asia. However, it is a reality that our country is a catapult for any brand that wants to conquer Latin America and Xiaomi is willing to bet everything for our market in the coming years.

The categories of products that the brand manages in Mexico up to now are smartphones, notebooks, tablets, hearing aids, sports bands, TV setboxes and speakers. If we talk specifically about cell phones, which is why the brand is becoming more popular in the country then these are your options:

Xiaomi MI MIX 2

The MI MIX family is the representative of the high range in Mexico and although little has been said about them, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing design phones on the market. It has a 5.99-inch screen in a relatively compact body for its screen but yes, a bit heavy because its body is ceramic. Its processor is a Snapdragon 835 and its camera uses Sony sensors to ensure good quality photos. There are three versions: 64, 128 and 256 GB of storage, but all with 6 GB of RAM.

Price: from $ 11,599


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