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You can create your Facebook avatar from photographs

Facebook automatic system to create avatars

The most used social network in the world is testing a new function. From now on we will be able to create our own avatar on Facebook. Technology advances so much that it allows us to save time and work when creating the virtual identity that best represents us, and for which we have to choose our skin tone, color and length of hair, facial features, eye color, and a long list of characteristics that define us.

All that time invested now we are going to be able to save thanks to the automatic learning system of Facebook, by which the best possible combination is created by joining our real face with a personalized emojis generator. A bet that adds to the augmented reality project announced a few months ago.

The commitment to new

During the celebration of the ICCV 2017 (International Conference on Computer Vision) that is taking place this week in Venice and where organizations and experts meet to share the latest advances in artificial vision, Mark Zuckerberg’s team has presented a learning system automatic to create our own avatars on Facebook. If this idea sounds to you long ago you are right, in part.

Google announced at the beginning of this year a method that used the neural network of each person to qualify and define some of our most common characteristics such as the shape of our hair, the type of nose, the shape of the eyes, etc. With all of them, a database was created in which each user later chose them to create their own personalized.

Creating our own avatar on Facebook is slightly different. This new system achieves the best possible representation of each given face from a photograph. It is capable of scanning both the face and the representation generated by the algorithm, identifying its characteristics and analyzing its features to give rise to a virtual identity.


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