Home Technology You can now download WhatsApp Business on Google Play

You can now download WhatsApp Business on Google Play

WhatsApp Business on Google Play to download free.

It is now possible to download Whatsapp Business, the instant messaging service for businesses. The application wants to offer its services to all those businesses that wish to use this tool to contact their clients in a simplified way.

WhatsApp Business works on WhatsApp Messenger for all audiences, but it allows us to create a professional profile with which it is possible to establish an efficient communication channel between client and business. The services we already know about the app such as sending multimedia files, making “free” calls or group chats, includes a number of services specific to the use within the business.

WhatsApp Business exclusive services

Being aware of the possibility afforded by the new devices combine two numbers different phones in one device, the new APK of WhatsApp Business offers the alternative to configure your personal profile on the one hand and our professional profile on the other.

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You can use WhatsApp Business and Messenger accounts simultaneously, without any kind of interference between accounts. This way you gain in comfort and ease of use, as there is no need to have a device for every space of our lives, whether in the staff or the professional.

In addition, another novelty of this version is that it is not strictly necessary that our phone number corresponds to a mobile number, but we can link a fixed number to our Business profile of instant messaging.

How does WhatsApp Business work?

WhatsApp Business works like it does its classic version. At the time of setting up the professional profile, the instant messaging company itself will contact us through a message to give us the confirmation code. Once the code is inserted correctly, we can begin to fill in all the data of our profile of relevance to our clientele:

General information about the company

Web page

Opening and closing times

Phone number

In the version of WhatsApp for companies, it is also possible to configure our status to reach our customers in a different way

Other services that WhatsApp Business offers in exclusivity are the option to program messages when we are absent. In the event that we cannot attend to our clients at that time, the application itself will be responsible for responding automatically through a message that we have preset in the settings, in order not to neglect our clientele.

WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web. The web version of the instant messaging APK allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients from the browser on our computer. Just by scanning the QR code of the PC screen with our mobile device, we can already synchronize our WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Web accounts

Warnings of the new version

From the download page it is warned that once we have backed up the classic version of the Messengera Business version, “it will not be possible to restore it backwards to WhatsApp Messenger”. In fact, it’s a good idea to “save the WhatsApp Messenger backup from your phone to your computer before using the WhatsApp version for business.”

Although currently in beta and not officially released, we can now download WhatsApp Business for free on Google Play. But Ojo! One of the problems of still being in the beta is that it is not available for all devices.


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