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You can now use Tinder in web version from your computer

Flirting with Tinder from your computer is now possible from Spain.

What is promised is debt: making months Tinder promised a computer version and is now available. In addition, it can be said that it is even better than promised: practically copy characteristic by feature to its mobile application, without a doubt the most popular of its segment.

Tinder for PC can be used from Chrome and other browsers. When you access your website you only have to log in with your phone number or directly login with your Facebook account. Once you are inside, you can open the chats you have on your mobile or directly slide to the right or left as you prefer.

The user experience within the application is remarkable: you can use the mouse and also keyboard shortcuts. For example, the right and left arrows serve to discard a pair or to give like. The design of the web version of Tinder is totally responsive, that is, it adapts to the dimensions of the screen without problems.

Nowadays, this application -now it is “this service” – has ended up crushing the competition both in number of users and in revenues. It has managed to make that link through Internet stop being stigmatized, the main problem that existed for this type of webs and applications.

In this way, any viable alternative to Tinder that wants to survive must focus on concrete niches , at least in the long term. For now other services survive to find more or less prosperous couple , but without even match the market leader, an app that is permanently in the top income of Android and iOS.

Part of its success lies in the immense user base and in the “gamification” of the Likes system, which has certainly managed to engage millions of people. Hence the bombing that was the option to see who gives you Like in Tinder upon payment of a small subscription.


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