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Your genetics can determine if you will divorce

Divorces are not always due to character incompatibility

Why a couple who at the beginning loved so much to end up divorcing? Many may be the causes: that love is over, that there was no understanding, that there were irreconcilable differences, that they were not going the same way… or that genetics influenced this decision.

The genetic? Yes, this is how you read it.

Research conducted jointly by Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden found that genes play a transcendental role in not having a successful marriage, as it happened in most cases, with their parents.

The researchers analyzed the population records of Sweden and found that the people who were adopted had an attitude very similar to that of their biological parents and carnal brothers in the future of their love relationships, especially in those that ended in separation.

With this, a new approach could be given to treat people who go through a process like this, because they will not necessarily need psychological help to desist or overcome this fact.


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