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YouTube goes one step further: it will hire more than 10,000 people to continue eliminating those disturbing videos

child care to mother
child care to mother

In the last year, YouTube has faced many complaints from users, especially those of us who have children, because they have millions of videos on their platform with deceptive or disturbing content. Some channels have been eliminated in their entirety, because they showed situations not suitable for children, like the videos of a father who made videos where he humiliated his daughters.

A few weeks ago, the company announced the creation of a new policy in order to prevent children from watching deceptive videos, and now they go a step further: they recently announced that by 2018 they will hire more than 10,000 people to help eliminate all that inappropriate content.

Security measures have not proved sufficient

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Some months ago, I shared information about those deceptive videos of children’s cartoons that children could find on YouTube, and gave you some tips to avoid them. The main problem with this type of content, is that it appears to be normal, like any chapter of the favorite cartoon of your children, but that it was transformed into something really disturbing.Derived from this, at the beginning YouTube had created a special version for children, YouTube Kids, but some parents found that even within this seemingly secure platform, it was possible to find contents not suitable for children.

YouTube then decided to ask for user support, telling them that when they found this type of content they would report it, so that in this way they would be removed from the site. Although this may be a way of doing it, the reality is that videos of violent or disturbing content are published daily among the thousands of new videos every day, making reporting and eliminating them not a very fast process.

A few months ago, YouTube announced a new security measure: those videos that show children characters in inappropriate behavior, would not be suitable for advertising within the platform. The idea of ​​this was to discourage those who made these videos, because they would not get anything from them. However, this measure was not enough either.

In November of this year, they announced a new policy of age restrictions, whose purpose remained the same as the previous ones: to prevent inappropriate content from being seen by children.

What this new policy would do is to prevent users who do not have their session started or who are registered as under 18, from watching videos that include vulgar language, violence or disturbing images, nudes and sexually suggestive content or that represent dangerous activities or harmful.

A new plan: hire more staff

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Although they have taken action and implemented measures to avoid that those contents reported by the parents reach the children, the truth is that they have been small steps. Fortunately, it seems that they have already realized that this requires more action and recently announced a new plan: hire more staff.

According to YouTube, as of 2018, they will hire more than 10,000 people whose only function is to review and analyze the videos that are inside the platform , in order to help these contents be eliminated more quickly and effectively. Similarly, your policies regarding the publication and approval of comments will have changes to eliminate and prohibit those that are necessary.

Through a statement on the YouTube blog, its CEO Susan Wojcicki, mentioned that from June to date, more than 2 million videos with inappropriate content have been eliminated , thanks to the dedicated team that will increase in the next year.

Hopefully YouTube will continue to take and apply measures to eliminate this type of content, but remember that we as parents are responsible for monitoring the videos and programs that our children watch , making sure that the content they have access to is appropriate for their age, and this we will achieve by being on the slope and close to them.


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