We have known for some time that pesticides and nitrates are extremely dangerous for the human body. In the supermarket, we waste a lot of time deciding which fruit and vegetables to buy and which one is best to avoid. But do we really know how to correctly choose carrots, potatoes, and apples?

Especially for your readers, Gobhy prepared some tips that will help you identify safe and healthy fruits and vegetables. At the end of the article, we have prepared a brief note with general recommendations.


Large carrots with a bright orange color always attract the attention of customers, but their appearance is actually quite artificial. Choose those smaller and not so saturated. Remember also that in healthy vegetables there is no place for strange stains.


The potato absorbs chemicals very well, so you have to be careful when buying them. Select medium-sized tubers. Even if they have black dots, they can always be removed. But large and smooth potatoes, no doubt contain harmful substances.

Tip: prick your skin with your nail and if a crunchy sound is produced, the potato is suitable for consumption, it does not have pesticides.



With tomatoes it is all a bit easier: healthy fruits have thin skin and their flesh is of a homogeneous color. If the tomato to the touch looks like plastic and the flesh has visible white stripes, then it harbors nitrates. You should also pay attention to the stem: a normal tomato has it small.


Choosing a cabbage without the presence of pesticides is quite simple. Inspect the cabbage and make sure it does not contain any stains. If the leaves of the cabbage are clean, they are thin and of uniform color, everything is fine, you can buy it.


One of the fruits that host the largest amount of nitrates is still the apple. Opt for those that are smaller, greenish and with small imperfections and leaves on the counter bright red, without a single spot and look like film.

Tip: To check if an apple has chemicals, cover it with boiling water. If an oily film appeared on the skin, it has been treated with paraffin, mixed with other substances.


When selecting a pumpkin it is necessary to pay attention to its surface. If your skin is clean and smooth, a good sign, but if it has fibrous stripes that are not straight, as well as unknown dark spots, this reveals a high content of pesticides.


The strawberry is sold throughout the year, but even in its time, it is not free of nitrates and other harmful substances. To avoid risks when buying them, remember that the natural ones do not stand out for an ideal appearance and if their color is too bright, it is likely that they have even been “painted”. Eye with the black points, they are caused by nitrates. And finally, if you do not perceive a natural smell of strawberry, better buy elsewhere.

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Tip: wash the strawberries with cold water. If after an hour does not start to release its juice, that is a sign that they were subjected to chemical treatments.


Out of season, watermelons are full of nitrates. The shell of a watermelon not treated with chemical substances must present contrasts and its tail must be dry. When cutting, do not forget that if the meat is bright red with yellow fibers, it is already a symptom of the existence of nitrates. The fibers of a “good” watermelon are white.


Cherries are also widely used and often undergo a chemical spraying process. Knowing which one to choose is not difficult: the good cherries are bright and uniform, the dull ones with whitish spots on the skin indicate the presence of pesticides.

Tip: Cover the cherries with boiling water and cover the bowl. If after a while the smell of cherry does not change, everything is fine.

Recommendations that you should keep in mind:

  • Buy fruits and vegetables only in legit places, giving preference to local and seasonal.
  • Avoid fruits too nice, bright and of identical size that, on the other hand, lack odor.
  • Choosing between different producers, weigh the fruits of the same size by hand and buy those that are heavier.
  • Carefully wash the fruit and vegetables to peel it by removing a thick layer of peel. If possible, subject the fruits to a heat treatment.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the seller for the documents explaining the place of cultivation of everything that is sold. This will help you, for example, to avoid buying imported grapes that are advertised as autochthonous in your area.
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