True love not only feels but can also be seen at a glance. But if you are one of those people who need real proof of each situation and prefer the facts to the words, be prepared and pay attention to the following signs.

In Gobhy we have taken the work of analyzing a good part of the couples in love and we have prepared for you a list of things that will tell you how much your average soul wants you.

1Share your meal with you

Surely you remember Joey from “Friends”, the popular series of the 90s. He never shared his food with anyone! In fact, she often did the opposite: she never lost the opportunity to eat a little of her date’s plate while she went to the bathroom.

Apparently, there are many people who hate someone taking a bit of their food, especially without asking permission. Many men also feel strange when the girl wants to feed them in a romantic way, with a spoon or a fork. It is for this reason that watching your partner share their food with you, or offering you a taste of their food without caring that you eat from your plate in a public spaceor at home, is a very good sign of affection.

2It leaves your voice notes

Currently, much of our time we are communicating with other people through online applications such as WhatsApp. It is an excellent alternative for those who can not spend as much time together as they wish, but feel the need to stay connected.

However, the words on a screen do not have the same meaning or the same warmth and intonation as when we communicate personally. They are often quite impersonal chats. The voice notes, on the other hand, are not. They make a conversation at a distance much more enjoyable and clear.

The next time you hear an audio from your partner, remember that he took a space of his time and effort to record it. Surely he had to find a quiet place, all simply because he loves you too much.

3Leave your phone unlocked and do not have access codes

Your partner is crazy about you

Speaking of telephones, some people take too much care of theirs, as if someone were going to steal them at any time. They use all possible means of protection such as passwords and unblocks with fingerprints, and never leave their phones or tablets unattended. Even at home, with your partner, although this behavior may seem strange, to the point that the other comes to ask why you hide so much information from the cell phone. It usually means that the person has something to hide, and those are not the best foundation for a relationship based on trust.

It does not mean that your partner must give you all the passwords of each of their social network profiles because we all have the right to privacy. But if the person behaves naturally around you, and shows signs of trust and sincerity in their intentions, that is nothing but true love.

4Is willing to try new things by your side

When two people have attracted it is because they basically find similarities and preferences in common. The older we are, the harder it is for us to say “yes” to something new, especially when it comes to adventures and things that are different from what we commonly do.

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A couple who cares deeply about you and wants to learn more about your personality will definitely try to participate in the activities in which you usually have fun. Being involved in a hobby and doing things together, whether cooking courses or riding horses, strengthen ties in the relationship and gives rise to much more knowledge. In addition, this implies a great opportunity to spend more time together. You must learn to value the other person’s desire to spend as much as possible with you, especially in these times, when the schedules are quite tight.

We clarify that we do not expect men to get involved in makeup classes or that women hold a screwdriver while their partner is fixing the car in the garage, but what if they find an activity interesting for both?

5It leaves you notes of love and many surprises

There is a well-known Anglo-Saxon saying that the devil is in the details. With this phrase, what is meant is that the small things that, at first glance, seem insignificant to us, are what really matter for human beings, as well as being linked to true feelings. Great surprises for anniversaries and celebrations are normal. Most of us used to prepare a gift just for this kind of occasions. But it is the small gestures of kindness and unexpected details that have the greatest value and brighten any person’s day.

Small “I love you” cards hidden in the pocket of your coat, funny messages written in the bathroom mirror with the toothpaste, your favorite chocolate hidden in your bag, the examples are endless. And the main meaning of all these things is: “I appreciate you, and I want you to have it present every day.” There is no more true sign of love than this!

6Change your habits for you

It is difficult to give up old habits. We also know that it is not right for your partner to try to change your personality completely in exchange for sustaining a relationship. The relationships are of two people, being what they are, but trying to be the best version of themselves for the other.

Let’s say you live in a one-room apartment. You wake up a lot and you usually watch TV until midnight. Does that person try to change a little bedtime to share some moments of affection with you and that they sleep well together? If so, then you’re lucky.

Or imagine a situation in which that person is something like a real bookworm (it happens, trust us), and you… well, you’re not such a thing. On the contrary, your life revolves around accessories and makeup scattered throughout the house. Would you try to organize a little more and put things in their place to make him feel comfortable? If so, then your better half is lucky to have you. That is precisely what we are referring to.

7He accompanies you and has patience in things that seem boring

This happens to both sexes. We all have a lot of things that the other person does not understand and, therefore, does not accept.

For boys, for example, it would be shopping. Very few men enjoy accompanying their girl in a  time that can last for hours. But if your partner is willing to spend time with you most of the time, he is really interested. Even more, if you participate in the process of choosing the garments and gives you advice and opinions on them (obviously, with care and respect, and thinking very well what you are going to say).

For girls, it can be any type of sporting event, either live or broadcast on television, even replays of games. Life in the house can be paused during the period of championships or important games, but you can choose to enjoy them. Ask him to explain what the question is about and why he enjoys it so much. That interest and desire to participate in your favorite activities will be greatly appreciated by the other person.

8Prefers a pleasant conversation and not silence

We all dream of that person with whom we can keep silent. It is not an uncomfortable one, like when you have nothing to talk about and you struggle in your mind looking for a topic with which to break the ice. No, we refer to that wonderful silence, when everything is calm and clear, and you feel safe and quiet, simply enjoying the presence of each one.

However, when you go through a difficult time and there is a situation or problem that you definitely need to talk about, the conversation in a thoughtful way is the most effective. The person who really cares about their relationship and to keep peace with their partner will choose honesty and dialogue instead of omitting an argument. The more you can learn to speak and manage difficult situations, the farther you can go, especially in a relationship. Love brings understanding.

9He is proud to have you in his life

We agree that it is okay to keep a relationship private, especially at the beginning of it, or simply if the area in which they work can destabilize them by exposing themselves as a couple. But when a considerable time has passed since you started dating that person, and one of you is still quite shy about showing your relationship to others, it is not very pleasant for the other person.

Seeing that your partner is proud to be with you is, on the contrary, very rewarding. It is a sign that they are ready to introduce themselves to their friends, family, and colleagues. Surely they will talk a lot about both, they will celebrate together with you the small steps they take towards goals in the future and the great achievements they both achieve. Change the status of relationships in social networks, upload photos with your proud partner of that person you are with, and never stop holding hands when they walk and happen to meet familiar people. All these signs show that this guy really wants to be with you.

10It does not leave you when you need it most

Love is…
Take care of that person you love when you are sick.

Life is not always sun and rainbows, in fact, it is full of pretty ugly moments too. Getting sick, for example, can happen to any of us and generally happens unexpectedly. Leaving aside the negative consequences of being sick, it can be a good opportunity to realize who is next to you.

If your partner is easily frightened by your ill appearance, by seeing you with high temperature, weakness, need for care and maybe a bit capricious, well, it really is not good to be by your side. But if, on the other hand, that person is anxious to buy you oranges (“A good source of vitamin C!”), It takes your temperature (“It’s coming down, yay!”) And is about to fall asleep seeing it together to you your favorite series over and over again (“Oh, not again … Well, let’s do it”): open your eyes, you’ve found the right person!

11Listen to your advice

Achieving this point is really complicated. On the one hand, women are always looking for a man who can make decisions, and gentlemen want something better than an indecisive lady who needs support all the time to make decisions in her life. On the other hand, we all want as a couple a person who supports us, who is always willing to listen to us and is not ashamed to ask for advice. Two heads think more than one.

So, if you find someone special who values your opinions and wants to hear what you have to say about their life, do not let them go, they really want you.

12He pays you too much

It is scientifically proven that not only touching, but also nibbling, is a real sign of union in the couple. It could happen that someone you feel in love with, be a very reserved or shy person, does not agree with this type of caresses. But if your partner always strives to kiss you, touch you, pamper you, caress you, and even bite you, this is definitely a sign of a long-lasting, loving relationship.

The desire to nibble on someone you love is defined as a connection in our brain between perceiving something that pleases us or appearing cute and looking for food.

Share your own stories with us! At what time and why did you feel that your partner really loved you? Are you still with that person? We look forward to reading your answers in the comments section!

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