Sometimes it seems that everything around you goes wonders, automatic appliances, perfect work, endless services and even photos of edited and retouched Instagram. It might seem that you are living directly Truman’s show until that moment in which that person or that photo that can break the entire system.

Gobhy has made a selection of 20+ photographs that will make you move your head from one side to the other.

1We hope she is well tomorrow

Disconcerting photos

2Help! My nails are burning!

3The natural impression on a python

4A slice of rhodochrosite stalactite, a very rare mineral

5These grains start to look like an oil stain when they dry

6A tool for the most brutal types

7When a company wants to meet the expectations of fans of both establishments, Starbucks and McDonald’s

8When you can dedicate to cycling a couple of minutes on the way to work

9We are happy to see you at our cafe!

10Some inexplicable things

11When your understanding knows no borders

12Look again!

13When your creativity has left you halfway

14Very convincing!

15Are you opening a portal to another world?

16Hello, Star, there you were!

17My mother always said, ‘keep your feet dry!

18This little reptile became his nest while cleaning his terrarium

19I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bike!

20Do you want to try the alphabet soup?

21Why not exercise while waiting for the bus?

22How do I get there?

23What is that black fringe? A cavity?

24What’s going on?

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