Cat is a liquid?
Cat is a liquid?

British scientists have proven: who is a liquid, because he is able to take up all the volume allocated to him. Read the evidence presented, and you will see that this time the British scientists were not mistaken.

1Full glass of cat

2Poured into container

3I wonder if pulling out the stopper will it drain out?

4Cardboard is not suitable for liquids… except for cats

5To the brim

6Half full or half empty?

7Natural vessel


9Do not bend – will spill!

10I am the dough!

11Cat bowl

12Pour slightly

13Do not pour cats into containers not designed for liquids to avoid numerous leaks!

14Spilled cat

15Dribbling cat

16Cat thickish – sticks to the blanket

17Now splash out!

18Capacity of a flask – one cat

19And the capacity of this cylinder is two cats!

20Mix, but do not shake

21To eat poured!

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