How to make perfect squat
Tips to make perfect squats.

It is true that squats are one of the most complete exercises that exist and that all trainers include in plans for weight loss because you burn a lot of calories, plus you work one of the parts that most interest women: the glutes.

Tip to perform a well-made squat

The basic movement of the squat helps tone the anterior part of the body, including the abdomen and torso. Try these simple, but effective adjustments:

1. Place your feet more open than the width of your hips

2. The angle of the toes to your knees should be at 30 degrees away from the body.

3. Try to keep your back straight, your torso forward and your abdomen contracted all the time.

4. Lower as much as your strength and flexibility allow. If you can not perform the full squat, do a half squat, but try not to raise your heels.

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