Snacks before training
Snacks before training

It is not advisable to exercise on an empty stomach or to start a hard workout having ingested too heavy food with excess carbohydrates and fats. Your body needs energy and a good diet, but not a caloric excess that reduces exercise effectiveness. You have snacks before training that have the perfect balance  to help you in your effort.

If you are going to do an intense exercise, half an hour or an hour before, it is convenient to take a light snack that provides you with the “fuel” that your body requires to avoid fatigue and overexertion. Going for a run, biking or going to the gym minutes after having taken a strong meal is unthinkable, just like doing it with only the morning coffee.

Of course, choosing the best appetizer before training depends to a large extent on the type of sport you practice, taking into account its intensity and the time you spend. For example, slow-absorbing carbohydrates are essential for activities that involve resistance, while those of rapid absorption are essential for the development of cardiovascular exercises.

Always taking into account the type of training you do, you have snacks to eat before exercise that are safe for its rich contribution in essential nutrients and its balanced caloric intake.

What snacks can I eat before I exercise?

There are many appetizing and healthy snacks for athletes that are also ideal for exercising in the best conditions. Remember the importance of proper hydration before, during and after exercise and try some of the snacks before training at home or at the gym  that we propose.

1. Vegetable shakes

Prepare smoothies or smoothies by combining green leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard…) with any fruit that you fancy and that brings you the sugars you need especially if you are going to perform an aerobic workout.

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2. Chia seeds

They are considered a superfood for the quality of the protein they contain and for being a source of healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3. Add them to your smoothie or take them with skimmed yogurt, also an excellent snack before training.

3. Nuts

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios… They are another  ideal snack to take before training, highly energetic so it is not convenient to eat a large amount, but a few units at mid-morning, one hour before starting your training at home or in the gym, you will feel great.

4. Avocado

Its high content of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, and healthy acids that take care of the cardiovascular system, make avocado one of the foods to include in the diet of any athlete. You can incorporate it in thin slices to any salad you take as an appetizer or, if you prefer, prepare a rich guacamole and spread it on a toast of wholemeal bread. Energetic, nutritious and very healthy.

5. Cooked egg

If you do strength exercises, the egg will give you the extra protein and high biological quality that your muscles need, to prevent injuries or stiffness. With a slice accompanied, for example, with a small portion of canned tuna and a strip of pepper, you have a classic appetizer, perfect to take care while you play sports.

6. Chinese cabbage

Boiled or raw, with this food can prepare snacks to eat before exercise  with which you take, without realizing it, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin K essential, so important for athletes. A small bowl of shredded cabbage combined with apple slices and sprinkled with some seeds or nuts (sunflower seeds, sesame…) is a perfect place for lunch before training  at home, in the gym or outdoors.

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7. Cereal bars

The energy bars are available for all tastes and made with different cereals. They are great to take an hour before exercising and count on the slow absorption carbohydrates that you will spend in your training. Choose one that contains oats, one of the most complete and easily digested cereals you can eat.

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