Accessories Strengthen Muscles House
Accessories Strengthen Muscles House

There are many people who do not have time or enough budget to go to a gym daily and yet do not want to give up exercise and choose to do it at home. If you have decided that you want to strengthen your muscles without leaving home, take good note of these 7 accessories to strengthen muscles at home and that will help you achieve your goals in less time than you imagine.

What material do I need to do bodybuilding at home?

Whether you want to lose weight at home or if you prefer to tone up your body, you should know that in order to keep fit, enjoy good muscles and lose some weight without leaving your home, you will need these 7 ideal accessories to strengthen your muscles without having to leave home:

1. Esterilla

This is the first and most basic accessory that you will need to be able to carry out a training at home. Both to stretch and to perform strength training, it will be necessary to place the mat on the floor, and through it, we will obtain a much more pleasant surface than that provided by the hard and cold floor of the house.

2. Dumbbell set

The dumbbells are essential accessories to get started in bodybuilding at home. In addition, they are very economical, occupy little space and you can find them of different weights.

We recommend that you always have a set of dumbbells of 1, 2 and 5 kilos at home and that way you will ensure a complete workout, and you will be able to gain weight as your muscles progress.

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3. Bosu

The Bosu is an ideal sports accessory to do push-ups at home and that will allow you to strengthen your muscles at home. It is an element that is flat on its lower face, and that has the shape of a rubber ball on the upper face. With the Bosu, you can stretch, strengthen the muscles of the legs and get, in general, a great resistance in the lower extremities.

Another accessory that can replace the Bosu at home is the Swiss ball, fitball or yoga ball, which you can get for a very economical price, and also, you can choose between different diameters, although the most recommended is the 65 centimeters.

4. Medical Ball

The medicine ball is an accessory is tremendously useful and effective to strengthen the muscles at home. It is a heavy ball with which you can perform many exercises. The minimum weight that the medicine ball should have is 4 kilos, although there are people who opt for the 5 kilos, with the aim of achieving a greater counterweight to strengthen the muscles.

5. Elastic bands

The rubber bands or elastic bands are the perfect alternative to the weights and another one of the materials for bodybuilding in the house since with them you will be able to realize a multitude of exercises to tone the muscles at home. Currently, you can find bands with different strength, and you must choose the one that best suits your muscular needs.

6. Foam Roller

The foam roller or roller foam is a very useful accessory for muscle recovery that will serve to make the myofascial release of muscles after training. It is a perfect accessory to give yourself a session of self-massage and relieve all those areas that have been sore after physical exercise.

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7. Comba

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises we can do to tone at home. And, the jump with the rope is an aerobic exercise that reactivates all the muscles of our body, and also helps us to work balance and coordination, two very useful and necessary skills for lovers of running.

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