The Google Sheets to organize it ALL
The Google Sheets to organize it ALL

Today we bring you a collection of 91 templates for Google Sheets, the spreadsheet application with which Google competes directly with such popular alternatives as Microsoft Excel or the LibreOffice spreadsheets. It is a totally free application that is included in your Google account, as part of the service for your Google Drive cloud.

We bring you several types of staff, from those aimed at organizing your day to day, leisure and projects, to others more focused on your classes and your finances. We have been obtaining them both from other articles such as Genbeta, as well as specialized pages such as Vexter24 or social networks such as Reddit. Also included are the 24 default templates designed by Google itself.

Templates to manage your projects

  • Project Timeline. A template to temporarily organize any project. The sheet is divided into months, weeks and years, and the periods of time are divided into different phases of planning so that you can adapt it to your needs.
  • Project Tracker. Another template to manage projects, but organized with several goals each with their own tasks. Therefore, it allows you to assign dates, people responsible for tasks, difficulties, notes and the status of each of the tasks.
  • Project Tracking Template. Another template to manage and organize the various goals of a project. It is similar to the previous one, but a little more complete, and it allows you to add the status, priority and many other details of each of the tasks that make up your project.
  • Gantt Chart. A combination of project management and agenda, to which is added a bar graph to see a visual representation of the tasks you have and the progress that is in each of them.
  • Wedding checklist. If you’re going to get married, you’ll know that it’s important not to forget anything, and that’s why someone has come up with the great idea of creating a template to organize everything that needs to be done and to mark the things that you already have made to take them off your head. Practical even to adapt it to other types of projects.
  • Comparison of cars. A simple sheet that you can use to compare all the car models you are thinking about if you are planning to buy one. You can add the photo of each car and its characteristics to visualize them in a very simple way.
  • Detailed project budget. A template that allows you to create a detailed budget of a project including each of the tasks that compose it. In this way, to each task, you can add the price that corresponds to little by little go composing the entire budget.
  • Software Inventory Tracking. A template in which you can keep track of the software you buy or have contracted. It allows you to enter all the details of the application, the details of the purchase and the type of license you have purchased.
  • Moving Checklist. Moving can be somewhat chaotic, which is why a list can be intersting in which several aspects of the move are marked as completed. You can edit it to go put everything you want to take, review, hire or change at the time of making a move, and so you mark what you finish to get it out of your head.

Templates to manage your health

  • Weight training workout. Several spreadsheets with which to organize your training sessions. You will be able to add the exercises you want to do during the week, although there are already some example posts, and you can keep track of your progress.
  • Exercise routine. A concept similar to the previous one, but with a much more detailed template to plan your exercise routine during the week. In its default planning, it explains different more complex routines of aerobics and weights.
  • Weight. A complete sheet in which to keep track of the evolution of your weight depending on the daily caloric intake you carry. You can see your tendencies, mark your goals and the daily calories you are consuming, and include a color code to mark when you have exercised, been sick or have spent eating.
  • Weight / Measurement Tracker. Another sheet with which you can keep track of the evolution of your weight and your measurements. Include boxes for weight, body fat mass, and your chest, waist, and hip measurements. All done so that you can keep track of these and many other data periodically, marking possible changes.
  • 100 Pushup Challenge Template. There is a community in Reddit related to a challenge to do push-ups, and they have made their own template to follow the progress of their follow-up. You can also adapt it for other exercises that you want to follow a progress.
  • Workout Log. A simple but complete sheet on which you can keep track of all your exercise routines. You can put the type of exercise, the repetitions, the weight and so on.
  • Exercise Log. Practically the same as the previous one, but a little more complete in case you want to add other personal information such as the weight, the calories that you have ingested that day or the hours you have slept. That way you’ll know how much that may have affected your routines.

Templates for finance

  • Travel budget. A sheet to help you * organize the trips of your next trip *. You can write down what you spend on each item per day and the template calculates the budget you need for the total trip.
  • Shared expenses. A simple template that can be useful if you live with a group of friends or family, especially if you want to organize and share expenses. It will help you to write down the expenses and point out who has paid what, then make the calculations that help to see how much you have left to put each one.
  • Family budget planner. A template that includes a category of expenses for almost anything, from water, electricity, and gas, to simply gifts or a visit to the barber. You can adapt it to your particular needs to carry out the planning of the anticipated family expenses.
  • Debt Reduction Calculator. A template in which you can calculate the reduction of your debts, taking control over your loans to know how much they are costing you and you have to pay in them.
  • Bill Billing Invoice. Invoice designed for billing products. Although it is not adapted to Spain it is easy to modify its tax section and includes both a version with them and another without them.
  • Invoice Freelance invoice. An invoice that you can adapt to perform certain professional jobs. In it, you can modify the taxes, as well as add different tasks that add up a total.
  • Invoice invoice. Another complete invoice designed for companies. You can add logos, different taxes or even discounts, in addition to several jobs you may have done. All in a fully customizable invoice.
  • Loan Amortization Schedule. A template with which you can calculate how much and how you are going to be able to amortize a loan that you are thinking about asking, adding the different characteristics and interests that you may have to know how much you will end up paying each month.
  • Invoice Legal Bill. An invoice very similar to the previous ones in terms of options, features, and versatility, but focused mainly on the legal field with a space in which you can add a small text for the follow-up of the case.
  • Invoice Packing Slip. Another professional invoice, although in this case oriented mainly to the stores because it adds the possibility of adding a quantity with each value that you put, and that calculates the total doing automatically the multiplication.
  • Proforma invoice Invoice. Another business invoice, this time with many more details focused on international shipments, with information about client and recipient, the country to which it is exported or even the port through which it is sent.
  • Invoice Purchase order. An invoice specially designed for purchases, being able to edit the taxes to adapt them to your country, and with fields such as the quantity of each product, the price per unit and total or the shipping costs.
  • Invoice Sales invoice. Another invoice more designed for the sales, very similar to those that we have been seeing during this section but with a design something cleaner and more careful. It does not lack fields for taxes, percentages, quantities, shipping costs, and other additional costs.
  • Invoice Service invoice. A complete clean and well-designed business invoice. An alternative to the previous ones, but with a different and careful design.
  • Invoice Sales invoice. A final business invoice, very complete and with areas to put information about your company, the client and the shipping address, as well as the customer code, the seller and many other features.
  • Benefits of savings. This template helps you generate a projection of your savings in the medium and long-term, something useful especially in countries where there is no retirement and they have to plan their investments well.
  • House Moving Calculator. Moving from home can be stressful, and this spreadsheet tries to help you in this by allowing you to keep track of all the financial expenses and efforts you need to be able to get the house you love so much.
  • Family Budget Planner. A spreadsheet that helps you manage your family budget. For this, it offers you a column where you can put where the money comes from and another one to indicate the recurring expenses. As always, you can edit it to adapt it to your needs.
  • Moving costs calculator. With how stressful and expensive it can be to move, it is important to keep a detailed control of all the money we need to spend on everything. This template helps you do it by mixing your income with the cost of the house, and all your needs.
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Templates for leisure

  • Character creator for role. One of the most complete templates you can find to create and manage your role character. It is aimed at fifth-year D & D players, and you have the creation tab, the character sheet, the spell sheet, and two other pages for ranges and spells.
  • Role character sheet. Another template to create and manage your basic character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons. You have the main character sheet, the details, and equipment of your character, and a third for spells.
  • Monster statistics sheet for role. And since not all are characters in RPGs, this other template allows you to create statistics sheets for the monsters you want to include in your games.
  • Party Planning. How many guests come to your party, what has each one promised to bring and who have their attendance confirmed? These are just some of the fields that you can find on this page that wants to help you organize your parties.
  • Inventory of personal items to sell . Imagine that you are moving and that you want to sell several things that you have at home. Well, in Reddit a user has created this spreadsheet to show other users what is on sale, something that you can easily adapt in case you need to get rid of personal items and want to make it easy for potential buyers.
  • Travel itinerary. With this template, you can add all kinds of important details about your trips. Confirmation numbers, flight schedules, arrival times, hotel services and vehicle rental, etc.
  • List of luggage and travel preparation. If you are one of those who always forget something when it comes to packing, or who never knows if he left the oven on just when he is boarding the plane, this template is for you. It helps you prepare everything you have to do before your trip, and also to create a list of everything you have to take with you.
  • Vacation Checklist. Going on a trip with a calm mind is priceless, and that’s why this template has been created in which you can add everything you want to take on a trip or need to go by checking when you have it ready.
  • Distance calculator. And when the trip you’re planning is going to be by car, it’s never a bad thing to take everything well tied and calculated. This template helps you calculate travel distances by adding postal codes or postal addresses or Google Maps of the destinations you are going to go to. It will even try to calculate the shorter routes, although it is also a template in which you will have to invest some time.
  • All the missions of The Witcher 3. This is a brilliant example of how far you can take Google spreadsheets to the world of entertainment. What you see is a collaborative template that has included all the missions of ‘The Witcher 3’, and of course, you can use as inspiration to do something similar to your favorite video game.
  • A Pokédex of its own. Someone in Reddit has decided to create this template to keep track of the Pokémon that it has, a kind of Pokédex with all the creatures so that you can keep track of which ones you have and which are missing.
  • A list with all your video games. If you are one of those people who enjoy collecting games, this spreadsheet allows you to create a list of all the video games you have, both classic consoles and the most modern ones. You just have to make a copy of your own worksheet to start using it.
  • Home Inventory Spreadsheet. And since we have spoken before of inventories of objects to sell, it can also be interesting to have an inventory of all the purchases for the home that you make. In this template, you find a level of detail such that you can include even the guarantees that are in each purchase.
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Templates to organize your classes

  • Monthly Class Attendance Form. A template with which you can create a temporary assistance calendar for the classes in which you are a teacher. You can add the names of all the students in your class and note each day they attend or stop attending it, with information about the course and the center they belong to.
  • Another list of assistance. Here is another interesting list of assistance with an interesting addition, as at the end of the points of each student you automatically create the percentage of classes you have attended if you wnt to use it as a reference when evaluating.
  • Class schedule. A template with which to create a class schedule that can be used to organize you whether you are a student or a professor. It goes from Sunday to Monday, and you can add the classes you have to each hour of each day of the week.
  • Gradebook Template. A template with which you can create a report card for all students of the same class. It is a list in which you put the name of each student, and then you have spaces to add the notes of the evaluations with a calculation of the average grade at the end.
  • Weekly lesson planner. Specially designed for organized teachers, this template allows you to write down the lessons you will give each hour on each of the days of the week, or if you prefer the courses you are going to teach.

Templates to organize other tasks

  • Homework. One of those templates that you can edit and paste on the door of your refrigerator. It is meant to take control of household tasks, and where there is room even to add assignments with the names of those who live at home.
  • Household Helps. A sheet focused on household tasks, specifically to distribute or even to remunerate, as it has a box for the cost. Even so, you have a list of all the tasks, and you can assign who takes care of each thing each week.
  • Household cleaning schedule. That the one before it falls short? Well, here you have another template to organize the tasks of the home for days and weeks. Includes several house cleaning tasks already prepared, but you can edit it to customize it to your liking.
  • List of tasks. If you prefer something simpler, here is the typical TO-DO list of tasks to add the name of the task, notes about it, the status, priority, the date set and who is responsible for it.
  • To-Do List. Another To-Do list with a more careful and detailed design so you can organize any pending task you have. In each task you can put a name, status, priority, a date, who is in charge of it and a detailed description, as well as the difficulty value that you give to each one.
  • Checklist. What do you need something simpler still? Well here is an extremely simple list of tasks, in which you only have to add the task name and additional information, and you only have to mark it as done when you finish it.

Other templates

  • Personal timeline. With this spreadsheet, you can register absolutely every aspect of your life to keep track of everything you do, including where you travel, the relationships you have, your health, your studies, etc.
  • Your family tree. If you want to create a family tree here you have a good and very visual template to do it. You just have to enter the names of the relatives, although there is also a tab for portraits.
  • Perpetual calendar. A calendar that works with almost any year. It can be used as an annual or monthly, school calendar, or calendar of events.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Log. A template that will help you keep track of the maintenance of your car. You can add date, the miles to which each maintenance has been done (or change it by Km), what maintenance you have done, the cost you have had and a section of annotations.
  • Monthly calendar for the entire year. A month-to-month calendar of all 2018 that you can adapt to your liking and adding all the notes you need to organize yourself.
  • Employee calendar . A simple sheet in which you can organize the hours that each of your employees has worked. It would be a template for each employee, in which you can put the hours worked per day, the extra hours, the hours lost due to illness and all that type of details.
  • Organization of work in two weeks. A template in which you can organize your tasks hour by hour for two weeks, from Monday to Sunday. This is going to help you if you are a student or if you want to organize work at home.
  • Gas Mileage Log & Calculator. A template in which you can keep track of how often you fill your vehicle’s fuel. It is in miles, although you can change them by kilometers, and you can add how much fuel you throw, the date and the cost.

Google Templates

And we’ll end up mentioning the collection of Spreadsheet templates native to Google itself. All of them will access in the same way, through THIS LINK, and between them, you will find both those intended for personal use and work or project management. As we have grouped all of them here instead of their respective categories, we are not going to give you the link to access them, as we have told you here at the beginning.

  • List of tasks: A simple ToDo list in which you add different tasks, the date in which you have added each one, and you mark them as done when you finish them.
  • Annual budget: A sheet in which you can organize your annual budget in a simple and dynamic way. In the main page you put your initial balance, and then you add money with the expenses and income, and the spreadsheet will organize everything for you.
  • Monthly budget: A sheet in which you can organize your monthly budget. You can put the initial balance and see the end when it is completed, you can add forecasts of expenses and real expenses to compare them, as well as the profits, and everything is presented to you in a most visual way.
  • 2018 Calendar: A 2018 calendar for you to edit and customize to your liking. When the new year arrives, Google will update it to 2019.
  • Planning: A page where you can edit the daily schedule of each week. It shows you seven days with holes to write tasks every half hour, so you can plan in detail everything you’re going to do.
  • Travel Planning: A perfect page for when you want to plan what you are going to do each day during a trip. You can adapt the dates to those of your trip, and go writing every day several fields with the details of what you are going to do, adding hours, issues and notes.
  • Wedding planning sheet: All planning is little when it comes to a wedding, so Google also offers its own proposal to be able to plan everything, and can even organize everything by sections.
  • List of players of a team: Simple. If you want to compose a team of whatever, here you can make a list with all your players with several fields to go adding the details of each one.
  • Advantages and disadvantages: Making decisions is not always easy, especially when they are important decisions. Therefore, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to help you take these situations weighing the good and the bad that it can bring you.
  • Invoice: Here we have already proposed several invoice templates, but it never hurts to have another created directly by Google.
  • Hour control sheet: A sheet on which you can control the hours of the employees of a company. It would be one sheet per employee, and you could add several projects and the hours that you use each day in them so that you then make the total hours and multiply it by the hourly rate to get a final payment.
  • Financial report: A financial report in which you can add the transactions of a company, edit the profits and losses and create a financial balance for your company.
  • Annual budget control sheet: Whether you are very proactive or have a company, you may ** organize the year by means of an annual budget in which to control the initial balance, expenses and income. Similar to the months we have seen before but adapted for the whole year.
  • Expense note: An expense note designed to keep track of the expenses of a trip of your employees, for example, although you can also adapt it for other trips or events. Simply add dates, categories, descriptions and amount of expenses that are related to the same event or trip.
  • Purchase order: A delivery note in which to detail a purchase order that has been made. You can add invoice and purchase order number, the date on which it is made and sent, conditions and way of sending, and even the data of your company, the supplier and the recipient of the order. Obviously, you can also add the items with their quantities, prices and reference numbers.
  • Employee shift planning: If you have a company with several employees, it’s never a bad idea to have a chart to organize the staff’s shifts. You can configure the different shifts that you are going to have, with their schedules and salaries, and then go assigning the hours in each shift to each employee.
  • Customer Relationship Manager: If you are a company that needs to have records of its different clients, here is a sheet that will help you keep up with your relationships with them.
  • Gantt Diagram: A combination of project management and agenda, to which is added a bar graph to see a visual representation of the tasks you have and the progress that is in each of them. Very similar to the one we’ve seen before on the list, but perfectly translated.
  • Project schedule : A template that can be useful if you want to have a chronogram with the phases of your project, in which you can register the conception and start of the project, the definition and planning, and the launch and execution, always carrying the account of the time you are investing in each phase.
  • Monitoring of a project: A tab designed to keep track of the pending tasks of a project or the different projects you may have in mind.
  • Marketing schedule of an event: A sheet in which you can organize your marketing campaigns related to a project, with the different phases divided into weeks and information of banners, national and international marketing campaigns and even campaigns on social networks.
  • Assistance: A template with which to take control of each student’s class attendance. You simply add all the dates and mark those who have gone or not gone on the different days, configuring if you want the different types of assistance you want to add.
  • Bulletin of notes: A complete bulletin in which already in the first page you will see the graphs related to the general notes of a class, and in which you will be able to put the notes of each student in the different tasks and write individual reports.
  • Task control sheet: If you want to keep track of or control the class assignments of a student, child or your own, this is a good template to start. You write the subjects, the task, their status and the time you invest in each of them each day.
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And this is our list of templates. As we usually do always in these cases, we invite you to propose yours in the comments section to see if we all make the number of proposals grow even more.

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