Hurricane Black Matter
Hurricane Black Matter

The Black Matter is one of the great questions of the Universe in our times. It refers to a type of matter that corresponds to 80% of the matter-energy of the universe, and that is not dark energy, baryonic matter (ordinary matter) or neutrinos. Its name makes reference to that it does not emit any type of electromagnetic radiation (like the light), but it does generate a considerable gravitational mass.

Until now, the only way to explain the existence of black matter has been through the gravitational forces that accompany cosmic movements, because they can not be seen or touched.

Dark matter hurricane is heading towards the high ground
Dark matter hurricane is heading towards the high ground

Well, now a group of scientists detected an important amount of Black matter going violently towards the Earth. In fact, the phenomenon has been called “hurricane” because it is assimilated to the behavior of these meteorological phenomena, keeping the proportions.

The findings were published in the specialized portal Physical Review D and according to research, the phenomenon is moving at a speed of 500 kilometers per second.

Can the Black Matter hurricane hurt us?

This “hurricane” has received the name of S1 and its discovery is based on a close set of stars that are moving in the same direction.

Last year, the Gaia satellite detected this stream of dark matter, which “was born” billions of years ago after a dwarf galaxy was absorbed by a larger one thanks to the gravitational forces of the largest. When they come into contact, the small one is destroyed and leaves pieces or remains and currents that make it up. According to NASA, just under 30 percent of the universe is made up of dark matter that we do not even know what it is. The interesting thing about this hurricane, because scientists have detected more than 30, is its direct approach to the sun.

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But the good news is that very far from affecting our planet, the scientific community is very excited about this event because it represents a huge opportunity for researchers to detect more elements that make up dark matter and determine many factors around it as its ability gravitational, among other things.

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