Samsung Dex Linux
Samsung Dex Linux

Of all, it is known that Samsung Dex allows using the Galaxy phones as if they were a computer. A few days ago we could talk about this tool and its new appearance thanks to the arrival of Android 9 Pie. Now, a recent agreement between Linux and Samsung will allow users to enjoy the operating system on their terminals through Samsung Dex. A really important decision and a precedent for other operating systems such as Windows can reach Samsung devices. We tell you all the details.

Linux comes to Samsung Dex with all its applications

Linux can be defined as one of the most outstanding operating systems if we leave aside Windows and Apple. Undoubtedly, one of the great capped technology that is usually dominant in the sectors of mobile phones or servers that now comes to Samsung to fully interfere in Samsung Dex. From now on it can be used as a complement to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, the only two devices capable of supporting Samsung Dex.

The adaptation to external screens that this tool can generate makes it a very comfortable service in which to be able to visualize the content of the mobile from the computer. With the arrival of this agreement, everything becomes easier, since Samsung Dex will be able to use all the applications compatible with Linux related to the development or office automation. That is, the options become much more extensive. In addition, users who own the Galaxy Tab S4 can enjoy all the advantages of Linux directly.

In order to use Linux in Samsung Dex, all you have to do is register in the beta version before December 14, 2018. From here, you just have to follow the steps that are leaving us and have the right devices to enjoy the service. Although now only reduced to two (Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4), everything seems to indicate that Samsung Dex will be available in a few months on smartphones such as the Galaxy S9/S9 + or the Galaxy S8 / S8 +.

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It is important to note that this agreement can serve as a precedent to approach other operating systems such as Windows. That is, Samsung has decided to lay the groundwork for users to use their mobile in a much more comfortable and with a wide range of new options.

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